New NZ Online Casinos 2019!

The New Casinos are always using the latest technology and have adapted to the latest trends. Which maximises your casino experience. In addition to that new casinos do always welcome new players with hefty bonuses. We have listed a couple of our favourites below. Ourselves, we are suckers for the mobile casinos why we are mostly focusing on that experience. Enjoy!

VoodooDreams Casino

  • 20 Free Spins No Deposit
  • Powered by some of the leading software providers
  • Live Chat Support

MyChance Casino

  • NZ$1000 + 70 Free Spins in Welcome BONUS
  • Exciting Bonus Packages
  • Great Mobile Casino

Leo Vegas Casino

  • NZ$1000 + 200 Free spins in Welcome BONUS
  • King of Mobile
  • Fast Loading Live Casino

VegasCasino NZ

  • Popular NEW Casino for NEW ZEALAND
  • Wager Free Bonus
  • Mobile Friendly

GATE777 Casino

  • First-Class Casino
  • Above average withdrawal limit
  • Huge selection of game providers

Dunder Casino

  • NZ$600 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
  • Huge Game Selection
  • 97,85% PayOut!

Deposit Bonus

The reason online casinos give away money is that their operating costs are quite low. However, the money is not just splashed out. There are various requirements to get a bonus amount. It would be wise to check the bonus requirements to see if they are appealing. The most basic requirement is the number of times you can bet on the bonus. For instance, if a casino gives a bonus amount of NZ$100, I will have to play for instance on the amount ten times. That is the only precondition for withdrawing it. In such a case, that would mean I have to wager at least a thousand dollars if I want to withdraw the cash. There is also another form of a bonus known as a sticky bonus. The first variation is a bonus that disappears when I make a withdrawal. For instance, if I bet with the bonus of NZ$100 and win NZ$50 I should get NZ$150, but I will only be awarded NZ$50. Afterwards, the amount is gone for good. The other variation is where the bonus remains, but I can only withdraw what I win. The best option is usually the cashable bonus. However, the wagering requirements have to be fulfilled.

1 $100 + 50 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
3 210 FREE SPINS No Deposit required!ReviewPlay Now
4 20 Free Spins No Deposit ReviewPlay Now
5 20 Free Spin NO Deposit + NZ$200 Bonus ReviewPlay Now
6 $1000 Bonus + 200 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
7 NZ$5 No Deposit Bonus + NZ$200 BonusReviewPlay Now
8 10 Free Spins NO Deposit! + NZ$500 BONUSReviewPlay Now
9 NZ$1000 Massive Welcome Bonus ReviewPlay Now
10 NZ$ 350 Welcome BONUS + 135 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
11 100% up to 300 NZD or 100 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
12 NZ$1600 in Bonus ReviewPlay Now
13 10 Free Spins No Deposit + NZ$200 BONUSReviewPlay Now
14 10 Free Spins No Deposit + 100 Free Spins ReviewPlay Now
15 $400 Bonus + 100 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
16 5 Free Spins No Deposit + NZ$200 BonusReviewPlay Now
17 NZ$1000 BONUS at 1st Deposit + 100 Free spins ReviewPlay Now
18 50 Spins + NZ$850 BonusReviewPlay Now
19 20 FREE SPINS NO DEPOSIT - Most Popular NZ-Casino!ReviewPlay Now
21 20 Free Spins No Deposit + $6750 BonusReviewPlay Now
22 NZ$ 250 BONUS + 100 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
23 $1000 Bonus + 300 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
24 NZ$ 200 Bonus + 100 Free Spins ReviewPlay Now
25 20 Free Spins No Deposit + NZ$200 BonusReviewPlay Now
26 NZ$ 1000 Christmas Bonus + 100 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
27 NZ$ 1080 Welcome Bonus + 77 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
28 200% bonus + 200 free spinsReviewPlay Now
29 NZ$1400 Bonus + 80 FREE SPINSReviewPlay Now
30 25 REAL SPINS NO DEPOSIT - Keep what you win!ReviewPlay Now
31 NZ$400 Bonus + 200 Free Spins ReviewPlay Now
32 NZ$1000 Bonus PackageReviewPlay Now
33 NZ$1000 Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins ReviewPlay Now
34 10 Free Spins No Deposit + 50 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
35 Deposit 10 NZD & Get 10 NZD Bonus + 10 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
36 NZ$150 Bonus + 100 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
37 NZ$ 100 Bonus + 200 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
38 $100 Bonus + 200 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
39 NZ$ 500 Bonus + 100 Free Spins ReviewPlay Now
40 NZD 750 Welcome BonusReviewPlay Now
41 NZ$ 500 Bonus + 100 Free Spins ReviewPlay Now
42 $1000 Bonus + 200 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
43 up to $1000 Bonus +200 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
44 NZ$1500 Bonus + 300 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
45 $200 Bonus + 100 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
46 €100Bonus + 375 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
47 100 Welcome Spins ReviewPlay Now
48 NZ$ 150 Bonus + 100 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
49 NZ$ 1000 BONUS + 100 EXTRA SPINSReviewPlay Now
50 NZ$ 1000 Bonus + 200 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
51 25 Free Spins No Deposit + 180 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now
52 20 no deposit free spinsReviewPlay Now
53 100 Free Spins + $200 BonusReviewPlay Now
54 22 FREE SPINS NO DEPOSIT!ReviewPlay Now
55 NZ$1000 Bonus + 200 Free SpinsReviewPlay Now

No Deposit Bonus

Online casinos often give away money. Interestingly I do not need to deposit anything. The money is real, and I can do whatever I like with it. However, withdrawing it can only be done after meeting certain requirements. For instance, if a casino gives me NZ$100, I have to wager it at least ten times. It is only at that point that I am allowed to withdraw it. Most people would imagine there is a catch to it. However, there is no catch. You just have to play it a stipulated amount of times. For instance, I may have to play 10 or as many as sixty times before I can withdraw the money. The bonus is a great way to learn how to play poker. If a site seems strange, using the bonus amount could help demystify things. It is also a great option if I have no experience in gambling on casinos online.

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Free Spins Bonus

Most people who are new to gambling may find these terms a bit confusing. The better a player understands the terminology, the easier it is to take advantage of any offers. A free spin is an opportunity that I do not have to pay. If I have a free spin, the spin does not cost me money. It is especially awesome if I bet often. The free spins can be used immediately or preserved. Free spins are a tool often used to reward loyal players. For instance, occasionally they will send an email informing a player that they have been awarded free spins. To get free spins, I would have to play a game and win. Alternatively, I can receive free spins by depositing a certain amount. It is similar to being awarded a cash bonus. However, it is not always the case. Some sites use free spins as a way to entice new customers. For instance, a site could offer a player free spins if they sign up. Any money I make while using free spins is added to the total. However, some casinos have a wagering requirement. It means. For instance, if I get 20 free spins and win NZ$50, the casino may demand that I spin through NZ$500 since they have a wagering requirement of x10. However, most casinos offer free spins without any strings attached.

No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

They are the most exciting part about playing casinos online. For a newbie, No deposit Bonus can be particularly helpful. They give you the feel of the site. Often, the free spins with no deposit can be used to win money. However, these spins come with stringent requirements. For instance, I would have to spin through NZ$1000 if I won NZ$100 on a site using no deposit free spins. In most cases, if I do not make it to the set figure, the entire amount disappears. However, there is still no loss. I will have gotten the experience I need either way. It is an awesome way to know if the casino is a good place to bet or if their systems are unresponsive and the games are boring.

Wagering Requirement

It is a crucial element when thinking of online casinos. It is a requirement to ensure you do not easily walk off with the casino’s cash. For a player to get their cash, they have to meet these stipulations. For instance, any winnings made through bonuses have to be wagered a minimum amount of times. If a casino is determined to ensure they keep all their money, they can set the figure to as high as 60 times. Thus, a player would have to spend more times trying to make accurate bets as often as possible. The stipulations are usually labeled wagering requirements. Read these rules carefully. If you do not, any attempt to withdraw the cash could cause it to disappear. A site can take away even with the amount you had originally deposited.

Gambling has always been part of human society. All over the world, games of chance in one form or another have always existed. The word casino is, however, a bit recent. It originated from Italy, where it means little house. Originally, a casino was a small house located close to a large villa. The small house was used for games of chance such as cards and entertainment. It would entail wild parties involving comedians and other types of entertainers. However, this changed with time. People began to do it on a commercial scale with a bigger focus towards the games. It continued to be conducted on an informal basis for many years. However, Monaco established the first gambling house, making it legal to own such a business. The rest of the world was not far behind. For many centuries, gambling has been banned and allowed in many countries around the world. Online gambling was invented only a few years after the onset of the internet. It all began with the development of gambling software in the Isle of Man. Shortly afterward, countries around the world created laws that made it legal to gamble online making it prosper.

Mobile Casino Games


Roulette originally means little wheel and is of French origins. As the name implies, the game is played on a spinning wheel. It entails a player guessing where a ball spinning on a rotating wheel will land. Players can guess if it lands on a red or black spot or an odd or even number. The wheel will have either 37 or 38 numbers.

Black Jack

It is quite a popular game. In fact, it is the most often played game in casinos. It does not entail any opponent. The dealer, who represents the casino is the sole opponent. 21 is the most significant number in this game. A player is handed two cards with the aim being to ensure that they are 21 or close to it. If the cards are not 21, I will have to make sure my cards are of a higher value than the dealer’s cards. To win, I can also try to make sure that the dealer gets cards that are of a higher value than 21.


They are a popular game of chance in casinos. A player inserts money or some ticket into the machine and presses a button. Three reels or more with different patterns begin to spin. When they stop, the player wins various prizes based on the pattern present across the reels. A common offer is free extra spins.

Mobile NZ Casino Online

Initially, all gambling took place in a physical location. However, it was a bit problematic for most people who wanted to gamble often. The first step towards the development of online casinos was the development of gambling software. Soon afterward, the software was placed on a site. At first, it was quite slow. Thus, most people still preferred to visit physical casinos. However, with time, the internet speed rose, and the cost of setting up a site became cheap. It led to a boom in the number of websites offering the service. Despite this, the games were too basic. To get over this hurdle companies began contracting third parties to develop software for their site.

Dunder No deposit bonus

Sites became cheaper to operate and faster to work with. From less than twenty, there are now hundreds of online casinos each offering unique games. They are also much safer to transact money than previous sites. The effort to make gambling even more efficient continues up to this day. Besides that, they offer higher payouts than land-based casinos. The reason is partly that they have lower operating costs.

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Casino in Tablets

Mobile gambling is worth billions of dollars today. That is partly because of the continued development of smartphone technology. Thus, they are more efficient and offer faster responses when playing. Most online casinos also create a mobile version for their sites. However, at times, mobile platforms have fewer capabilities than playing using a desktop. However, the trend continues to change, with some sites existing solely as mobile platforms. Either a mobile-based casino can be an app, or it can be based on a browser. Despite that, it is a lot of fun; it ensures that I can gamble on even while on holiday. It also means that I as a gambler I do not have to confine my activities to a certain time. I can even gamble while at an official meeting with ease.

Reviewed Casinos

Casino Cruise, CasinoRoom, Dunder Casino, Karamba Casino, Cashmio Casino, Leo Vegas Casino, Casumo Casino, Slots Million Casino, InstaCasino, Casino-Mate, Anna Casino  

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