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Most people believe you have to be lucky or serious to be successful, but at Wishmaker Casino, we believe that fun is the key to being rewarded!

About Wishmaker Casino

Wishmaker is an online gaming site where a person can play games of chance for a variety of rewards. Their tag line is “Most people believe you have to be lucky or serious to be successful. But here at Wishmaker, we believe that fun is the key to being rewarded!” which may be a bit over the top. It will appeal to those who understand the nature of the business. Likewise, the entire experience is similarly themed, with the game area itself being referred to as the “Wish Planet.”

Aside from that, Wishmaker promises an incredible gaming experience, stating that they use “cutting edge technology.” The casino also uses “best of breed practices” to enhance the player’s experience. They also state repeatedly that they will make your wishes come true.

This unorthodox approach to presenting their services may have to do with the fact that at Wishmaker one can earn levels, trophies, and other rewards. You can also gain “Wish Coins” that you can spend at the “Wish Factory.” The Wish Factory is basically where a player can trade coins for exclusive deals and offers.

Overall, Wishmaker offers a unique approach to how online casinos work. You can win actual cash while playing at the casino. Moreover, the focus on other rewards is a way to ensure that even if players aren’t winning cash, they at least have the satisfaction of getting something for their efforts.

When You Visit Wishmaker Casino

Wishmaker Casino

The site looks very clean and modern with shades of purple and white. In particular, the area advertising the games features, generic thumbnails, instead of the more exciting colorful images.

The main page also has additional info such as the “Win of the Month” for various games. “Winnings Right Now” showcase current winnings, and of course the ever-increasing “Total Jackpot” for their jackpot games.

The main page has info on how to get started. It also shows the various bonuses and free spins a person gets for signing up.

Overall the website is easy to navigate and has links to everything you could ever want. It also includes FAQ, About Us, and Terms and Conditions.

Bonus & Promotions at Wishmaker Casino

Wishmaker offers a variety of bonuses that are a lot different than what one would normally find at other online casinos.

Wishing Well

It has its own fictional backstory. Players earn Wishing Well Tokens while playing other games, and use them to play the Wishing Well side game. Unlocking levels can lead to greater rewards and prizes. This is a pretty interesting concept and helps to make playing the other games more fun.

Wish Factory

It is similar to the Wishing Well in the fact that a person gets Wish Coins by playing other games, but it is not a game itself. Instead it is more like an online store where one can redeem Wish Coins for a variety of rewards. These can be exclusive bonuses, free spins, and various merchandise. There is also a message saying that soon players will be able to use their Wish Coins to make donations to charity if they wish. Of course, this is a nice gesture. It is necessary to mention here that purchases made with Wish Coins are not refundable.

Wish Planet

As players explore the Wish Planet, aka play the games, they will collect Lucky Gems. The three main ways to obtain them are by leveling up, exchanging Wish Coins for them, or by winning them in the Wishing Well side game. There are different types of Lucky Gems, and players must get three of a kind to redeem them for rewards.

VIP Program

Wishmaker says that VIPs stand a higher chance of receiving special treatment, and specific offers and bonuses. It seeks to cater to those who desire to be the “biggest and the best.” Unfortunately no info is given on how to join the VIP program or the specific rewards for doing so. Overall, it doesn’t seem to be a very high priority on the site itself, though it may be worth it depending on what exactly it entails.

As far as promotions go, Wishmaker is a bit sparse compared to other gaming sites, offering only the signup bonus mentioned before. Still, it is a rather nice to get a signup bonus at $227.50 and 50 free spins, a good starting point for new players.

In The Mobile at Wishmaker Casino

Wishmaker offers a solid mobile gaming experience. With all the different rewards, tokens, etc. that one can accumulate as they play, this particular gaming site has the potential to be much more addictive than other similar online casinos. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing depending on the player’s disposition. But either way, it’s hard not to be entertained, and drawn in by all that Wishmaker has to offer. It’s a great time pass when one is waiting at the doctor, dentist, or a similar situation. But a player may not want to stop when it’s time, especially with all the Wish Coins, Lucky Gems, and such to be earned.

The site itself displays surprisingly well on mobile devices. The mobile experience is very well, with a little to complain about from a technical standpoint. It should be mentioned though that some of the games have technical requirements. There are both hardware, and software requirements, that a player’s device must meet or the game won’t work. Fortunately, the games are designed to be played on the majority of devices.

Games at Wishmaker Casino

wishmaker casino games

The games themselves are quite varied and range from casino standards like Blackjack and Poker, to themed slots such as Vikings Go to Hell and JokerPro. One thing that is very noticeable is the lack of licensed games. Aside from the Playboy themed game, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, there doesn’t seem to be many other licensed properties. This can be a bummer for some players, but the games themselves are fun, and will definitely hold a person’s interest.

Overall Wishmaker has 231 games. It should also be said that there is a Live Casino section as well, where the more traditional games like poker, roulette, etc. can be played. This is a great addition for those who want to enjoy the social experience of casino gaming online.

Deposits & Withdrawals at Wishmaker Casino

Deposits and withdrawals are a simple matter at Wishmaker. You can deposit your amount by clicking the “deposit” button and then selecting the appropriate payment option. These options include Skrill, Visa, and NET|ENT among others. The maximum and minimum amounts that can be deposited depends on the payment method and country of residence.

As far as withdrawals go, there are a variety of methods depending on how payment was rendered. One can also get direct bank deposits, but only if they complete Wishmaker’s due diligence procedure. Security is a big deal with online casinos so this isn’t surprising. Withdrawals are free so long as they meet the minimum requirement. The maximum withdrawal limit will depend on the method used though, as well as the funds available in a person’s account.

Getting Help at Wishmaker Casino

If a person needs help with anything Wishmaker makes it easy to get it. The support link takes players to a page where they can have a live chat with a customer service representative. Alternately, they can email customer support and the customer service team will message back. There doesn’t seem to be a phone number to call though, so players who’d like to speak with someone directly may be out of luck.

There is also a FAQ which can help answer many basic questions as well. It is recommended that players with issues consult the FAQ before getting in touch with a customer service representative.

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