Japan: Mayweather Casino in Asia?

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In his career as a professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather earned hundreds of millions of US dollars. These want to be invested well-considered. After the ex-athlete had already taken off with his brand “The Money Team” in Tokyo in the summer, Mayweather is now apparently already planning the next coup in Japan. As several media report, the ex-boxer apparently wants to open a casino resort in the country. 

The plans for such resorts actually exist on the Japanese side. However, Mayweather will have to fight for the licenses against numerous gambling companies. 

Can he succeed?

New Resorts Planned in Japan

Unlike in China, for example, gambling is by no means as popular in Japan. 

For a long time, gambling was frowned upon and banned in Japan, until the government decided to change course for the first time in 2016. 

Land-based casinos were then permitted, although even after the law was changed, people were still very reluctant to build new ones. 

That is about to change. 

According to the Japanese government, a special gambling supervisory authority is to be set up in the coming year. 

This is to supervise the Japanese gambling market in the future. 

The market itself is to be boosted by three new resorts, which are to receive approval in the course of 2020.

Several major cities in the country have already expressed interest, but an exact location has not yet been determined. 

Nevertheless, the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki are currently considered the hottest candidates. 

It is not yet clear exactly when a decision will be made. 

But it is a fact that numerous large companies are waiting for this decision. 

For example, MGM Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, NagaCorp and Casinos Austria have already expressed interest in a license in the country. 

And it seems as if yet another player could settle on the board: Ex-boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather with a Lot of Bite and Good Business Sense

Mayweather can certainly be described as a tough competitor. In his career as a boxer, he was one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, collecting hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. 

Moreover, Mayweather never ended any of his 50 professional fights with a defeat. 

Instead, he always left the ring as the winner and was even able to knock out his opponents in 27 cases. 

Mayweather wrapped up the last fight of his career two years ago in a spectacular fight against UFC star Conor McGregor. 

For this fight alone, Mayweather is said to have received more than 100 million US dollars. 

Now the boxer apparently wants to use his fortune to get involved in the online casino industry. 

Mayweather recently gained initial experience on the Asian market with his fashion label “The Money Team”, which has been active in Japan for a few months.

In principle, the signs for Mayweather and his venture are obviously not too bad. 

However, the ex-champion could also be playing a bit of a poker game.

Mayweather has apparently planned the location of a possible resort in Okinawa. 

However, the governor in charge is by no means considered a friend of the game. 

The approval for a resort here is therefore on very shaky ground.

Mayweather as a Promo Genius

In the past, the former boxing champion has repeatedly shown himself to be a real marketing genius. 

For this reason, many observers doubt that the sportsman is really interested in opening his own casino resort. 

After all, the choice of location is by no means promising. 

Moreover, even Mayweather is basically without a chance in view of the enormous international competition. 

The suspicion is close that the boxer would like to promote here above all a possible fight. 

No matter under what circumstances this ultimately comes about. 

One thing is certain: if Mayweather steps into the ring once again, the ex-professional can once again expect record earnings.