NZ$400 Bonus + 200 Free Spins is a casino designed to give the client with the feeling of a real casino within an online environment. They've been in business for a decade!

About is an online casino designed to give the client with the feeling of a real casino within an online environment. Their parent company, Mansion Ltd. was the 2018 recipient of the “Online Casino Operator of the Year” award from, International Gaming Awards. They’ve been in business for a decade and consider themselves an industry leader.

When You Visit

From the moment a person lands on the site, its apparent that the site wasn’t a cheaply produced one. The lights and tones are colorful and objects flash across the screen and shine in your eyes. From the clips of dealers, roulette wheels spinning, and advertisements for some of the games play across the top banner, it’s hard for a person not to want to look around.

On the upper right, there is a scrolling, ever-updating box displaying current winners of prizes. “Rocket2020 won $158 on Black Jack Live” really does an excellent job of making a person want to play. The usernames seem very random and the amounts of winnings are large without being excessive, making the entire site feel more legitimate, quilting any doubts.

On the bottom third there’s a banner of different lists of games. The default is “Top Games” which reveals a grid of their most popular games, which feels like it extends and scrolls forever. “Slots”, “Jackpots”, “Table Games”, “Live Casino”, “Video Poker” and “Casual Games” are other options as well.

Bonus & Promotions has a section on their site entitled “Promotions”. On there is a list of a few different promotions. There’s a welcome package, one entitled “Funky Friday”, “Red or Black”, “Monthly Madness”, “Refer a Friend”, as well as a seasonal, “Cracking Easter” promotions.

For the casino’s welcome package, the new user is entitled to twenty free spins without putting any deposit down. All the new user would have to do is simply register for the site and they’d have access to the spins. This is a fair deal to incentivize someone to try out their product. Imagine if you signed up and won a thousand dollars on all free spins.

If a person were more certain of their commitment to gambling, they could go ahead and deposit money into their account during its creation. This would be to their major benefit, as the casino will match the person’s deposit up to four-hundred dollars and the player is entitled to one-hundred and eighty free spins. This means that if a player made an account and deposited four-hundred dollars into the account, they would have an account with eight-hundred dollars in it and one-hundred and eighty free spin tokens. That’s a good deal.

In the Mobile

The Casino has done an excellent job of keeping up with technology and a changing world. When they first started out in the industry, online gambling was mostly done with computers and at home. Nowadays, every industry must understand how to become mobile and portable and they’ve done a wonderful job at adapting.

The site has an iPhone app which is linked to through the website. This allows the user to play blackjack, slots, and more from their phones and on the go. The app is very functional and well done, allowing the user to get the same full feel that they would be receiving from the site on their computer.


The casino has six categories of games to choose from; “Slots”, “Jackpots”, “Table Games”, “Live Casino”, “Video Poker”, and “Casual Games.” They have fun names like, “Hotline” and “Space Wars” as well as licensing deals with large companies and brands. They have games such as, “the Matrix”, “Planet of the Apes”, and “Robocop” to name a few.

“Slots” and “Jackpots” are just as they would appear to be. You have colorful lights, big sounds and make the player feel as if every single time they press that button, or pull that lever, that their life could change. They’re an exciting time and feel shockingly like the sensation of playing a slot machine in real life. The only difference is that you don’t have to listen to some old lady, five machines down, cursing to the heavens and attempting to pray the machine into spewing out golden nuggets.

“Table Games” is a selection of tables games that are staples of the casino industry. They have classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. However, they have more than just digital tables as they also have “live games”, in which a live person will be the dealer that everyone plays with. These games are fun, as they do an excellent job of allowing the player the feeling of total immersion. There’s a major difference in the sensation of reading a screen tell you that you won, versus seeing the expression on a dealer’s face as they turn over the cards that reveal your success. These games are also listed on their own section of the site, entitled “Live Games.”

“Video Poker” is one of the better selections of video poker games on the web today. There’s a classic “Deuces Wild” game, “Joker Poker”, “Aces and Faces” and more. All are fun though. There’s something quite pleasing about playing video poker compared to even regular poker. Video poker is the only poker where you have essentially unlimited time to decide your next move. Frankly, video poker is an exciting time and must be one the most essential sections in any online casino. does a wonderful job of providing the player a vast experience.

“Casual Games” is a section that is surprisingly amusing. They have games such as “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, “Heads or Tails” and even have a virtual horse race betting game. There’s bowling, Keno and other popular, world-renowned classics. The section also has other fun, simple games, such as “Penalty Shootout”, in which the player must attempt to score as many soccer goals as possible to score points and win out. The entire section is delightfully charming and a terrific way to spend your time between poker and blackjack. They could cheer up someone, which is great to have in the casino industry.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawing money is something that is careful about. The user is required to verify their identity to the casino before they can make their first withdrawal. However, after they’ve proven their identity, all future withdrawals and simple from there.

The amounts that a user can withdraw monthly is based upon their membership status. Bronze, Silver, and Gold members can withdraw up to 22,500 dollars (U.S.), and the processing time is up to three business days. V.I.P. members can withdraw 50,000 dollars (U.S.) in a month and the processing time is reduced to one to two business days.

Getting Help

Through the “Support” tab, and after clicking the “Help” button, the “Frequently Asked Questions” page appears. This offers up some of the most commonly asked questions, covering most topics the average person might need assistance or help with. However, there is also a button to contact a representative of the casino.

The casino’s Customer Support department is available day and night. They can be reached both through email, as well as via phone call. It’s very rare to find a twenty-four seven customer service department anymore and it’s important to appreciate it.

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