100 FREE SPINS No Deposit required! was founded by people who wanted to make it easier to gamble in New Zealand, Casino has a range of games that people will fall in love with!

About Casino

Launched by a bunch of casino experts and with the Malta Gaming Authority license, casino is a place to relax and unwind. Playing at online casino is a win-win situation. You must be wondering how? 

Well, at this casino you get rewards for your every spin, roll, and also for the turn that you play. So, whether you lose or win you always get prizes for your participation. 

Launched in 2018, the casino is not very old in the market, still, it managed to create a position for itself. All this is because of its excellent user interface, and the best experience that the casino provides to its players. Anyone who prefers to play in the dark and mysterious casino, is the best place for them.

Moreover, as the website is compatible with all the devices and browsers, so won’t face any difficulty while playing on any device. You will surely fall in love with the wide selection of games offered by the casino. However the website also offers the list of all the developers that they work with, and the new games they are coming up with. These games are on the homepage, and the players can participate in the tournaments of this casino.

What Is Their Homepage Like?

The homepage for is a place where players will see the featured games, the most popular games, and a menu for account maintenance. The badges for all the developers on the site are at the bottom, and there is a link to the fair play commission. The homepage has a link to contact customer care via email or live chat. You can contact them to get answers to any of your queries. Moreover, the live chat bubble also enables you o talk with the staff while the game is going on.

The homepage has several different links where players can swipe through the most popular games. They could pick a game they feel interested in for winning money. Moreover, players could also navigate through the new featured games. These games have tiles that show off their characters, gameplay examples, and a description of the game.

The top corner of the page allows players to log into their accounts, or the players can go to the left to enter the menu and register. The menu also includes a list of games, the account summary page, and the bonuses page. Players can easily navigate through the site to find everything they need before placing bets.


Bonuses on include a NZ$1000 welcome bonus. Players could get matched on their next deposit up to $1000, and they are allowed to use this money instantly to play any game on the site. Bonuses on the site often include free spins, and players could go into slot machines to play many free spins that could net them extra money.

Players must keep track of their bonuses. Like how much bonus amount is there, and how much they can withdraw from their bonuses. It is necessary for players to understand the rules for special bonuses. These are necessary to play tournaments or for spinning bonuses. Moreover, some of these spin bonuses turn into extra cash, that you can use to play other games on the site.

Bonuses on the site are given during holidays so that players can play when they are free. Moreover, developers also offer bonuses that will help players try a new game. The casino changes their bonuses often, so you need to check it before playing.

A wise player could compile a large number of bonuses that they can use every day to play for free. They get to keep everything they have won.


The casino is compatible with both desktop as well as mobile browsers. So, you can play at any of your preferred devices.

You can easily swipe and play at your tablets and smartphones, from the comfort of your bed. All you require is a strong internet connection.

The mobile browser also allows players to sign into their accounts to add money, withdraw money, and check their activity. The excellent graphics of the games will give you the enjoyable experience as you will get while playing the games on the desktop version. 

Moreover, you won’t need to install any additional app on your mobile to play these games.


Games at are set up in a way to keep players at ease while searching for their liked game by genre. You can select from the extensive collection of traditional and modern games.

As both beginners, as well as experienced players, come to, so the games often start from the very basic. When the beginners learn the tacts of playing, they can move to a next or complicated level. To eliminate any risk, you can learn playing on the free mode of all the games. 

Moreover, you can also experience playing with live dealers who are dealing with the cards or spinning the wheel. Live games make the player feel as though they have ducked into a casino. You will also find these games are much easier to play because there are friends around who enliven the atmosphere. To keep the players at ease, casino also offers a special bonus to the players. This bonus helps in starting playing games comfortably.

Developers often release the games on the site. The games might have tournaments attached that encourage players to learn these games and find ways to make extra money while competing against their friends on the leaderboard.


Banking on the site is handled through a secure server, with the https prefix that people see when the address bar comes up. The address bar will maintain that https prefix throughout the gameplay.

While playing people often wish to add money to their account to keep the game playing. The banking page of the site can be of great advantage for such scenarios. It enables players to add and withdraw money quickly.

It is preferable to check the banking page first before placing your bet or starting with a certain game on the online casino.

Banking on the site does not account for bonuses, and players must take a look at how much bonus money they have left. To bet comfortably, it is better if you use the bonus money first. It will be beneficial if you calculate your bonus money so that you won’t make any wrong assumptions about your remaining amount. The banking page guides you on everything about how you can make and save money.

The website accepts payments in multiple ways, so you can check all the available methods on the website and then go with your preferable one.

The players could use a credit card or debit card, or the players can even set up ACH debits with their bank account information.

Customer Service

Customer service on the site starts with the live chat bubble. The live chat bubble was created so that people could reach the staff and ask questions. The customer care team can chat with customers while they are playing, and there are many people who would prefer to use the live chat window because it helps them continue to play.

The live chat window also allows the customer to leave a message for the site team. The customer gets a response on the page when they come back to the site, and the live chat bubble has a little notification that is easy to check.

There is a phone number for the site, and that provides people with a chance to make a call to the casino if they are local to the office. Anyone in New Zealand can talk to people at the casino, and they can work out any issues including payments, banking, glitches, or fair play.

The fair play complaints are taken by the site at any time. These could include glitches on the site, games that cut off before they were over, or games that did not seem random. Players have a right to play games that are fair, and they can ask the site to check those games or even refund their money.

All banking issues can be handled through the customer care team, and customers are free to send emails to the site that requires answers.

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