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Bonus offers are eligible for new players and terms & conditions apply! 18yrs+ Only!   About Chelsea Palace Casino: Chelsea Palace casino is a place where the player can see...

Bonus offers are eligible for new players and terms & conditions apply! 18yrs+ Only!


About Chelsea Palace Casino:

Chelsea Palace casino is a place where the player can see their best chances to win, find the games they love, or find a new game where they can win money. The casino has a basic setup with the menu on the left, tabs across the top, and tabs on the bottom. Players can scroll down through the homepage to find all the most popular games, find the featured games, and find the games that have tournaments or running jackpots going.

This casino was designed to be a place where all New Zealanders could play happily, and it has a feeling that makes the New Zealand crowd feel at home. Someone who wants to have a nice experience can come through just to take a look at the games that would make them have the best experience. The people who come to this site can see the games that are featured, and they can even see the list of the developers that they need to look at. These players might want to go to a certain game, or they could get customer care from the site if they are trying to deal with problems with their banking and other things of the sort.

The players who have chosen Chelsea Palace will get sucked into a world of gambling and fun. They can enjoy the storylines that the games have to offer, and they can start winning because they are investing in a place that will also help them make friends.

When you visit Chelsea Palace Casino:

The site is a place that is very simple in how it is laid out. The site was designed to make things easier for people who like to gamble. The site has all he featured games listed right down the middle of the page. There are many games that are already very popular, and there are other games that people might find for the first time. They could look through the electronic games, and they will find that the slot machines are also fun.

The players can continue to look through all the pages on the site, and they can take a look at what would be the best choices for them. These people might want to take a look at the developers who are at the bottom of the page, and the casino also have a list of tournaments that are happening.

The player can sign up in the left corner, and they can go to their activity page to see all their transactions. They could use the site as a way of managing their money, and they could also have a look at what their options are if they want to play a new game. They could check out the welcome bonus, and they could read about promotions that are up for the season. The players then delve into the games that they will enjoy most.

Bonuses & Promotions at Chelsea Palace Casino:

The bonuses and promotions on the site include a welcome bonus of up to 50% of the first deposit. The player can get up to $300, and the site also allows people to get bonuses on the second and third deposit. They can make a lot more money on their gambling purely because they have access to these bonuses.

The players who come to the site can get some free spins for the slot machines they fall in love with, and they might also want to try a tournament that gives them their own bonus. There are many people who will find that they prefer to use the bonuses because that makes some of their play effectively free, or they might have a betting strategy that will allow them to double or triple their money.

Mobile Play:

Mobile play through Chelsea Palace is not done through an app. The site is set up to help people play on any mobile device. It has been optimized to work just as it would have on a desktop computer. The player can use the site on their phone or tablet, and they will see the games come alive in color just like they did at their computer. This is vital for players who love gambling because many of them do not even have desktop computers anymore. The players get the exact same experience, and they never have to make concessions just to play.

There is no need for players to put a big app on their phone or tablet, and all they need is a reliable Internet connection. Someone who has come to this site on a desktop can transfer to their mobile browser at any time, and they can play the live dealer games through their mobile browser just as a regular user would.


Games on the site are very diverse because players can choose between things like table games, slot machines, electronic gambling games. The players who are on the site for a specific game might search for that game from the homepage, or they might want to play games that have a storyline they enjoy. Some players will gravitate to this site because they want to play a new game that was just released, or they go to the table game parlor to play with people that they have gotten to know.

The games on the site include live dealer games where people get the casino experience without any of the travel. The site also provides the player with the tables that have the right ability level for them. Someone who is trying to play a more realistic game can do so through live dealer games, and they can still use the chat feature to talk to the people that they have gotten to know on the site.

The games on the site often have long stories that people can enjoy simply because they want to play in a video game style. They could come to this site if they plan to play for longer periods of time because some of the games are related, or they could go to the slot machine parlor where they scan keep winning free spins that can extend games for hours at a time.

Deposits And Withdrawals:

Banking on the site is very easy to handle because players can attach any credit card or bank account to their account. The players can make some good choices for their gambling simply by looking at which games they have won the most money playing, and they could go back to those games and even fill their accounts while playing those games.

Withdrawals on the site are done through the same credit cards and bank accounts. They can actually save more money by getting their money back faster, and they will not have to wait. There is no waiting period on withdrawals, and the player is not confronted with any of problems that other sites give people including the limits they place on withdrawals. A player could withdraw thousands at once if they want.

Bonus cash on the site must be spent on gambling before it can be withdrawn. It has to be turned into real cash so that the player can get it back, and they will use that cash first when they start to play on this site. The players who are trying to make the best possible choices will find that they can continue to get bonus cash that they can use to make their games as cheap as possible. Someone who is investing in gambling needs as much bonus cash as they can get, but they need to know how to use it.

Customer Care:

The customer care team on the site can give people help with their accounts. They can be reached through the phone number, live chat, and email page. The site was set up to help people to have the best experience talking to the casino, and they can resolve any issue that they have at any time. They can get someone on the phone if they are in the New Zealand region, and they can send an email through the contact page if they think that is easier.

The live chat page is the best place for people to go to get customer care because it helps the customer have a real chat about their account. They know that they can get more answers, and they can even submit their fair play claims against certain games. They can talk about the banking that they have done on the site, or they could talk about the way that they would prefer to play their games in the future because they have noticed glitches.

The site has set up a way for all customers to get care, and they also have a script that helps their customer service team explain how accounts with the site work. Chelsea Palace has done a great job of working out for the customer what they can do with their account that will make every game more exciting.

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