ELK Studio Casinos

The popularity of ELK Studios has steadily grown since its inception in 2013. Nowadays, its games are offered across numerous New Zeland casinos and this has increased its popularity among players who wish to play games of their choice across all devices. With a superior combination of awesome design and unique mathematical models, ELK Studios has managed to deliver top quality and exciting games that appeal most to millennial’s. Further, superior statistical modelling, huge databases, and cloud-based computing make ELK Studios attractive to the most competitive players and it is thus the go-to software for leading casino operators in New Zealand.

ELK Studios Slot Games

ELK has released numerous additive slots over the years and iGaming fans can never get enough of its slots. Here are the most popular ELK Studio games.
The lab, a super addictive 5-reel slot, was the first slot by ELK Studios. With pragmatic programming, it churns out generous payouts to its players and it has sparkling backlight effects as well as apt sound synchronization.

Bloopers slots explore hysterical characters with fascinating gameplay. The game attracted approximately 200 000 competitive players within the first few months of its development.

Return of the king is the handcrafted classic gameplay for a mesmerizing gaming experience.

Latest ELK Studios Slots

ELK Studios excels when it comes to delivering high quality and enchanting games. This has seen the software developer consistently create many new games in 2020. Here are the newest ELK slots.

The grand galore, set to be released in September 2020, features the grand event staked with majestic riches and dazzling gems.

Diablo Reels is the seventh slot in the ELK slots.

Dream Zone, a cluster-based slot, is known for its countless rewards which motivate enthusiastic players to reach the highest level.

Black River Gold, the fourth slot in the ELK Gold series, comes with two outstanding features namely: the Revolver and the Wild Compass.

New ELK Studios Casinos

Despite its relatively young presence in the gaming scene, ELK Studios is providing stiff competition to some of the oldest game developers in the market. New casino operators are seeking to get the best software for their players. With the sophisticated technology, the smooth gaming experience on a mobile device, and high RTP, ELK stands out as the best gaming software in the market. It is thus the most advanced software for many new casinos. The software also has a hi-tech machine learning quality and games load fast making it the gaming software of choice for most new casinos.

ELK Studios Casino Bonuses

Being new in the market, ELK has taken serious measures to build a name in the gaming industry. The game developer uses a random number generator so that it becomes impossible to predict the outcome of any game. The fairness of its games is one reason players and casino operators trust it. With the growing popularity, ELK games are available in different casinos and they have met all the quality security guidelines required to operate in various jurisdictions. As such the bonuses are tied to casinos and not the software in general. Party Casino, Net Bet, and Plush Casino are some great ELK powered casinos with free spins and more bonuses.

ELK Studios Slots with Best RTP

Although ELK Studios is relatively new in the gaming industry, it has received massive attention from both prominent casino operators and iGaming fans. This is due to its expertise and professionalism in the games it releases. ELK slots have also gone through independent testing and certification and proven to be fair and random. With more than 96%, ELK has great slots with the most alluring RTP. Read here to know ELK Studios slots that have the best RTP.

  • The champion Goal – 96.70%
  • Taco Brothers Saving – Christmas 96.4%
  • Bloopers – 96.10%
  • Birthday – 96.30%
  • DJ World – 96.30%
  • Taco Brothers Saving Christmas – 96.4%

Progressive ELK Studios Slots

Currently, ELK focuses on video-based spinners and progressive slots do not seem to be high on its agenda. This does not, however, mean that there will never be progressive slots. ELK uses data to steer its developments and there are high chances that there will be progressive slots in the future. Being part of a progressive slot network gives a player the golden chance to win more and spend less. As such, most online slot players enjoy taking part in such a network. ELK Studios knows this and its determination to remain in touch with the latest trends will drive it to develop a charming new jackpot game.

History of ELK Studios

ELK Studios made its entry into the gaming industry in September 2013. The first slot machine was launched in 2014 and it was popularly known as the Lab. Two months later, Electric Sam was released. The company released two more games the following year and by September 2015, it had hired ten employees. 2016 saw the company release five more games and hire five more employees. The company had steady growth and continued to launch more and more enchanting games. In 2017, their game Wild Toro won the Game of the Year Award and it is set to excite gaming fans with a new release in September, the Grand Galore.