Free Play or Real Money Online Casinos?

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Given the diversity of the modern online gambling world, there are so many factors for players to consider before joining any online casino. One key factor is the variety of kinds of games available in the casino. As a player, you want to consider whether you are looking to make real money with the real money online games or simply just have some fun with the free-to-play games. That being said, it becomes quite necessary to understand the basics of these types of games before you make your decision.

What is the difference between a Real Money Casino and a Free Play Casino?

Well, the answer here is pretty straightforward. A free play online casino allows players to play some of their online games for free without making any real money. Instead, players are awarded with free credits that can be used to play the different games offered. Free play online casinos do not require the players to make any deposits into their accounts since the games are free. When the playing credits run out, players normally have to wait for the casino to refresh their accounts before they can play again. Players can also earn free credits as they play by performing simple tasks such as taking short surveys.

Real money online casinos, on the other hand, offer the players a chance to earn real money from the online games. To participate in the real money games, however, players are required to deposit some funds into their accounts so they can place wagers for a chance to make real money. By depositing funds in their gaming accounts, players in real money online casinos often have access to a wider variety of games. They also enjoy a myriad of bonuses and promotional deals offered exclusively to “serious “clients by the online casino. Nevertheless, players here are strongly advised to follow the rules and regulations as stipulated by the casino while at the same time sticking to a personal budget to avoid making huge losses.

Free Play Casinos Vs Real Money Casinos?

Both Free Play and Real Money online casinos have advantages and disadvantages in equal measure. It all depends on the player’s anticipated online gaming experience.

When it comes to risk-free gaming, Free Play casinos definitely take the lead. Players can enjoy lots of free games in the casino without being obligated to deposit funds into their accounts. Free Play casinos present a carefree environment where players can just play for free and have fun without being under the pressure of losing any money.

Real Money online casinos, conversely, present a mysterious atmosphere. Players get to enjoy the thrill of making real money from the different online games offered. Sure, you could lose some money along the way. But you also stand a chance to win big, not to mention the many redeemable bonuses you get to delight in.  Players in real money online casinos also receive full control of their gaming experience and are free to play anytime from anywhere.

When to play

Free Play games are usually ideal for newbies, especially if you’re new to a casino or just looking to try out a new game. The Free Play option is the best way to familiarize yourself with a new casino and learn about the different exciting games offered.

Once you’re comfortable with the casino and confident that you’re ready to make some real money, you can now upgrade to the Real Money games and join the real gambling community for a chance to make real winnings that you can cash out.

All in all, you should always settle for an online casino that best suits all your gaming needs, whether it’s a Free Play casino, Real Money casino or conveniently offers both options.


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