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The Different Casino Bonuses

Going out to experience the sights and sounds of a crowded casino is exciting. Every player is looking to have fun and potentially win it big at a slot machine or table game of their choice. However, there are many advantages to staying home and gambling in an online casino instead of making the trip. Real casinos may have small incentives like a loyalty program, but their bonuses are nowhere near as worthwhile as a sizeable welcome bonus or extra cash for bringing a friend.

Online Casino Bonus

Wagering real money in an online casino is an opportunity to rake in a lot of cash without the stress of visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment. There are so many AU casinos online that it’s tough to pick a place to start out with the first deposit. It’s recommended to invest some time researching and comparing the bonus offers available to new users and players that are loyal to different sites. An initial deposit matched with a sizeable welcome bonus or free spins could be the ticket to a major jackpot. Discovering the biggest rewards will narrow down the best sites so that finding a favorite casino is simple.

1up to $1000 Bonus +200 Free SpinsReviewVisit
2$400 Bonus + 100 Free SpinsReviewVisit
3$100 + 50 Free SpinsReviewVisit

Sticky Bonus

One of the most unusual and overlooked rewards is the sticky bonus that casinos offer to cushion the balance of new players. Although it’s not eligible for withdrawal like real cash, it can be used to try out different games or master betting techniques with no risk. It’s understandable that the majority of online gamblers only want to win cash, but the sticky bonus is great for gaining experience and learning without any pressure. Keep in mind that winning doesn’t change the fact that the money will never leave the particular casino, so it shouldn’t be considered a part of the balance when it’s time to cash out. Most sticky bonuses disappear after a trial period or as soon as the first balance withdrawal is made, but rules are individual to each casino.

Match Bonus

Players that plan to make a large deposit should focus on finding a considerable match bonus. The majority of AU casinos are going to offer at least 100% of the deposit, but others could stretch as far as a 300% match bonus on the first deposit. Every site specifies a limit on the match reward, so it may be best to distribute money across multiple sites if the intended deposit exceeds the maximum. The bonus cash is the same as real money that the player can withdraw when they decide to cash out.

Loyalty Bonus

Players need to have an incentive to stick with one casino, otherwise they would be bouncing from one to another collecting welcome bonuses. Loyalty programs are in place at most online casinos to give users a reason to play at one particular establishment. The tiered system that is outlined on most sites starts players out at a base level, usually platinum status. Active users, high rollers, and frequent deposits enable progression to higher tiers up to VIP status. Bonuses and other rewards are given to players that reach the higher tiers as a display of appreciation for their membership. Sites may offer redeemable points instead of a tiered reward system. Players accumulate these points each time they wager, and they can redeem them for cash once specified milestones are reached. Player reviews are the best way to learn about loyalty bonuses at any site because they don’t always clearly outline the program. Even though the loyalty bonus is usually lower than the welcome bonus, active players may find the benefits more rewarding in the long-run.

Deposit Bonus

Casinos count on active players depositing money often, but the only way to ensure such activity is to offer a worthwhile incentive. Players that make a minimum deposit can receive a set percentage that is as good as real cash. The base amount is usually 10% of the deposit, which would equal to £10 bonus cash on every £100, up to an absolute limit. Another way to enhance the deposit bonus is to find a site that offers an incentive toward different payment types. One of the best PayPal casino bonus offers provides 400% up to £500, and there are many others offering similar benefits.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

It’s very common in the online casino world to take advantage of free plays to get a feel for a new site. Players can use a no deposit casino bonus to test out new games, practice old favorites, or simply become acquainted with the site itself. Each casino does have certain regulations in regards to how the no deposit casino bonus can be spent. It may only be used on specific games or the bonus money may disappear after a time limit is reached. The main thing to remember about the no deposit bonus is that casinos don’t offer large amounts, and the requirements to cash out usually involve making a real deposit.

PayPal Bonus

Gamblers in the United States don’t have the option to use PayPal due to some limitations, but AU casino players are encouraged to use the service. Not only is it one of the most secure ways to make a money transfer into an online casino, but there are some offering an incentive. Cash deposits are completed almost instantly, and the best Paypal casino sites will automatically add a bonus. A 15% cash bonus just for using PayPal is going to total an account balance of £115 each time £100 is added.

Free Play Casino Bonuses

The free play bonus might sound exactly like the no deposit reward, but only one can be converted to real cash. A free play bonus is basically pretend money that is used to generate activity on a certain game. They’re frequently given to new players upon signup so that they can try out the site prior to making their initial deposit. Free play bonuses usually expire after a short trial period, or the user may be only given a certain number of free plays. Although the amount of a free play bonus might be sizeable compared to the no deposit amount, there is usually a restriction that prevents it from being cashed out.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

A good recommendation goes a long way for businesses, and online casinos are no different. Players that take advantage of the refer-a-friend bonus can receive a flat reward (usually €50 or €100) or a percentage based on the amount deposited by their friend. Sites may restrict a maximum number of referrals per player, but they usually allow at least 10.

Wager Requirements

It might seem like a significant commitment to choose an online casino, but players may not want to bounce from place to place with real money. A fair amount of research goes into finding the perfect casino, especially when it comes to weighing the bonus offers. Large welcome bonuses usually catch the eye in the beginning, but players must be aware of the fine print in every situation. Wager requirements protect the casinos from fraud and losing money unfairly. All rules and guidelines are explained on the site, and there should be an instant chat button available if a representative is needed for further clarification. Bonuses are icing on the cake of online casino gaming, and it makes the gambling experience more exciting.

Largest Bonus Isn’t Necessarily the Best

Advertisers understand the appeal of displaying large numbers in reference to the bonus offers on a casino home page, but it may not be the most worthwhile option. It’s important to read carefully through the restrictions and guidelines of specific rewards when browsing through numerous AU casinos online. Meeting minimum requirements is easy for daily players and the few that are considered high rollers, but a casual player might be unable to take advantage of every promotion. Users are advised to weigh various bonuses to decide which are the most suited to their own style of play because every single casino is different.

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