UKGC and its Licensing Program for NZ Casinos

February 7, 2019 Posted in News, Online Security by No Comments

Playing Online casinos and other games of chance can often be a fun and exciting adventure for a consumer to take. However, sometimes problems can occur when a player wishes to cash out their funds and faces a long wait to see the fruits of their labor arrive in their bank account. One way of making sure the problems such as casinos not wanting to cash out consumers do not occur is to ensure the casino one os playing is linked to the U.K. Gambling Commission through its licensing program.

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The U.K. Gambling Commission has become one of the world’s most respected governing bodies within the gaming industry because of its strict rules and regulations. The stated aim of the Commission is to keep crime out of the gaming sector in the U.K. and its overseas territories. To make sure the entire industry is conducted in a transparent and legitimate way, the U.K. Gambling Commission has set up a series of programs covering sectors such as casinos, bingo, and the National Lottery. All these areas of gaming fall under the interests of the Commission and add to the different layers of transparency encouraged by the U.K. Government.

A good example of the work of the U.K. Gambling Commission emerged in January 2019 when the issue of non-disclosure agreements appeared in the British news. Many casinos were engaged in the practice of making customers sign these agreements to prevent them from contacting the Gamblin Commission in the event of an issue. BY issuing advice to casinos regarding what the Commission sees as the misuse of these agreements has seen a potential loophole damaging the trust of consumers with casinos has now been closed by the swift action of the Commission. 

The history of the U.K. Gambling Commission dates back to 2005 when the regulatory body was created in an effort to create an agency capable of monitoring the activities of Online and physical gaming companies. The U.K. Government hoped to ensure the gaming industry remained transparent and gave the Commission a range of impressive powers to maintain a free and open gambling sector in the nation. 

One of the main stated aims of the U.K. Gambling Commission is to protect children and vulnerable people from becoming involved in the gaming industry. One of the main examples of the work of the Commission in this area is the ability of the group to fine casino operators when they do not ensure gaming debts are not being built by those without the funds to pay them. A recent action was brought against a U.K.-based casino which allowed a problem gambler to build debts of over $750,000 despite not having the ability to repay their debts. 

The U.K. Gambling Commission reserves the right to enter the premises of Online and physical gaming companies and examine their transactions. If and when irregularities are found, the Commission has the power to issue fines, warnings, and to revoke the license to operate of companies when major problems are uncovered.