6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Casino in NZ

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Casinos are all round us these days. There are casinos both online and ones in physical locations. You can even play casino games at locations such as lodges, restaurants and convenience stores in some cities. It is well known that casino games are not designed to favor the player over the house. Knowing this, it’s important to enjoy the casino game you are playing.

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If the odds favor that you are going to lose money, you might as well enjoy playing the game you are playing and get some entertainment value out of it. There are several questions you should ask yourself before playing.

1. How Long Do You Want To Play?

The games that you are likely to spend the most time playing in a session are slots, video poker and blackjack. Online casinos are always available, so you really need to set a loss or win limit that results in your walking away. If you don’t do this, you might lose more than you plan. At physical casinos you should set the same guidelines in these games and ask a friend or a spouse to help enforce these limits. 

2. Do You Bet Big Or Small?

Both online and physical casinos allow players of all levels to play. In a traditional casino the table games with large minimum bets are in a separate area known as a “High Rollers Ara”. Money can be won or lost more quickly there than in traditional games due to the large bets. Play where you feel comfortable, with online games leaning towards more convenient for long playing sessions. 

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3. Are You A Social Player

If you are social and like celebrating wins, a physical casino is the best choice. An online casino does’t offer you to celebrate with others through chatting. Online games only offer online chat for social players, but it’s not for social players. 

4. Quick Or Shorter Games?

Games that can be played quickly include slots, video poker and other forms of video gambling. Playing quick games can result in you losing money quickly. Slower games allow you to reduce your loses by playing fewer games with the same wager levels. Poker, Pai Gow and Craps are all slower games in the casino. Online they can all be played quickly. 

5. Do You Want Intellectually Challenging Games?

Games such as poker, blackjack and sports wagering offer an opportunity for you to use deductive reasoning and in same case research skills. Other games such as slots, craps and roulette depend on the luck of a spin or a roll. Despite superstitions that some have, you can not change the odds of what a roll of the dice will show or the spin of a wheel will show. 

6. Are You Looking Ti Win A Jackpot?

If you are looking to get rich quick or win a large amount of money quickly, the two games for you are slots, either online or at the casino. Another option are video poker games online or at the casino. To win a jackpot in these games you need to play a “progressive game” where part of your entry fee goes to the top jackpot prizes each time you spin or play. Another opportunity for large wins is sports betting playing seven or more games on a ticket. To win that jackpot you have to win all the bets on that ticket.


Gambling is an opportunity to have fun and win some money. Your preferences will determine which games you enjoy the most either online or at casinos.

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