The Gambling Capital of the World (Not Las Vegas)

March 31, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

When you mention the casino and gambling world to someone, all they can think about are poker chips, money, and Las Vegas.

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And let me tell you, they’re not completely wrong.

Las Vegas is the most famous city in the world and everyone has it on their bucket list as a city that needs to be visited.

But, did you know that among Las Vegas, there are many other casino cities that are head to head with it, and maybe even better when it comes to the casino world?

Well, the answer is yes, there are many other gambling cities that proudly represent the casino games as their trademark.

And one of them is Macau, the city that e are going to talk about. 

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The Monte Carlo of the Orient 

Macau is an Asian city located in China, near the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea.

Its a city that all tourists enjoy because of the great food, the locals and the tradition and long history.

Macau is really underrated because it really has a lot to offer, gambling as well.

Gambling is a really popular activity there, and it has been legalized since the 1850s.

That’s a long time, right? 

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How the Gambling Industry Affects the City?

If we had to say it in one word, then it would be awesome.

The gambling industry is really fun and popular at the same time all around the world and that’s why there are so many people playing, both tourists and local gamblers.

Some of the newest statistics show that 40% of the whole economic raise is because of the gambling industry.

In short, that’s a lot of money. 

The Gambling Side Of Macau

There are 38 casinos in Macau, and the biggest one is the Venetian Macao casino.

Also, the majority of the casinos are located on the peninsula of Macau and on some of the islands, and they are all controlled by the government and have strict rules.

Also, the most famous games that are played in the casino rooms are of course blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and poker.

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Strange enough, the poker in Macau was introduced in August 2007, in an electronic table in one of Macau’s casinos.

But today, there are also lots of poker tournaments, and they are pretty popular and visited as well.

The gamblers of this city also love Texas Hold’Em Poker as well, and it’s the newest and freshest attraction at the moment.

There are also really strict rules, and the most basic one is that no person under the age of 21 is allowed to gamble.

The fines for breaking these rules are pretty scary, so I wouldn’t recommend breaking them. 

The Future of the Macau Gambling

The gambling overall has a very bright future.

With all the new technologies being invented every day, I’m pretty certain that the players won’t stop here.

And that’s the case with the gambling industry of Macau as well.

There are many bright days waiting for the Macau casinos and we can’t wait for them to come!