Online Casino Player Win The Netent Mega Fortune Jackpot

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This Just In: Many People Win The Netent Mega Fortune Jackpot
The casino Netent is located in Stockholm, Sweden and they are well-liked by the people that play in their casino. They have quite a following, especially their Mega Fortune Jackpot has made it possible for quite a few people to never have to worry about money ever again. Over the years, Netent and their wonderful games like Mega Fortune have made people mega happy.

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β€œOops, They Did it Again”

As the leader in digital gaming solutions, it is no wonder that giving away money and plenty is a big part of their past, future, and present. They are on the fast track and they show no sign of slowing down. As of last month (May 2018), their patrons have won a total of €19,799,183 and the year is almost halfway over. Their games are on many different gaming sites, and their latest winner hit it big at Leovegas Casino. A fortunate player from Sweden struck it rich by playing €4.80 per spin until they saw €3,773,845.27 pop up on their playing screen.

Past Prize Winners

During the past eight months (give or take a few days), five people have won the Mega Fortune Jacweret. Their prize-winning amounts were: € 3.3 million, € 4.5 million, € 3.5 million, € 2.6 million, and € 2.7 million. With all of these winnings being distributed, it is not surprising that this game has the fourth largest online casino jackpot at the present time.

This Netent jackpot was even listed in The Guiness Book of World Records. One of their players won € 11.7 million in the year 2011. That record was broken in January 2013 when another one of their players, a forty-year-old man from Helsinki won € 17.8 million.

The Future of The Mega Fortune Jackpot

Past statistics show that this jackpot has a winner about every seven to eight weeks. It does appear to be a pattern, but since a random number generator is used nobody knows when the next winning numbers will appear. It is also unknown what kind of bet a person has to place to win this place. The lowest bet a person placed and won an online jackpot was € 0.25.

It is most likely that people that win the Mega Fortune Jackpot place more of a bet than that before they win. To win this jackpot, all you really need is to do is play with real money and have lady luck on your side. A great deal of patience is helpful as well. A player should not quit after a few spins unless they do not have any more money to play with. To make their money last longer, a player can bet less money on each spin which will give them a better chance of activating the famous bonus game and then hoping that they hit the heart of the jackpot wheel.

The Random Number Generator

The online random number generator was designed to help keep the process of online gaming fair. Netent wants to ensure that every one of their players has a totally fair gaming experience. Every Netent game from their online casino games to their scratch games has a random number generator built into it. This means that their players do not ever have to be concerned one player having a better chance of winning over another.

For anyone that may want to take their chance at winning the Mega Fortune Jackpot, they should go to the Leovegas Casino website and sign up to play.

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