News about Football and Online Casino

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Online casinos are becoming big names in Football sponsorships if you are a football fan you will notice that most teams have their jerseys printed with sponsors logos, to the commercials that run during the match and stands inside the stadiums where the games are played.

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All these advertisements are meant to serve the purpose of marketing these online casinos which have become favorites among football fans. The iGaming platforms are used to place odds for teams that are in a given match, and in the event, they turn out to your favor you get a reward. Such gambling activities have made the online gambling and mobile casinos to get high revenues, and as a result, they are re-investing their surplus into the football industry to sustain their source.

Most of the online casinos and gambling sites are leveraging their marketing by involving known football stars to attract more clients an example of such a player that has been signed is Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is in a contract with a Malta-licensed gaming operator Bethard to act as their brand ambassador and co-owner. The online betting company was launched in 2014 by Gormadan Solutions Limited and is licensed to operate in the United Kingdom and Malta.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish player who is one of the top strikers in Europe Born on October 3, 1981, in Malmo Sweden. He has played in multiple clubs in Netherlands, Italy, and Spain leading his team to eight successive league championships and therefore becoming one of the most polarizing sports figures in the region. It is this factor that influenced the Bethard group to associate their brand with a footballer who has won the title of ‘the second most-decorated footballer’ having won so far 32 trophies. Zlatan says he has been in past instances approached by multiple betting companies which wanted him to work for them but he has not seen any that interested him. With Bethard founders coming from Malmo where the footballer was born and having Swedish roots he feels that they are true challengers who want to change online gambling.
This partnership with Bethard could have some ramifications when it comes to FIFA’s gambling regulations. According to Chapter four rule 25 of the code ethics which states “Persons bound by this Code shall be forbidden from taking part in, either directly or indirectly, or otherwise being associated with, betting, gambling, lotteries and similar events or transactions connected with football matches. They are forbidden from having stakes, either actively or passively, in companies, concerns, organizations, etc. that promote, broker, arrange or conduct such events or transactions.” Meaning the player could be barred from being part of the World Cup that is coming up this summer.

The first online gambling company that we saw on a club’s t-shirt is Betfair Casino which in 2002 agreed with Fulham to be their sponsors. Another primary sponsorship is by Sportpesa which signed a five-year contract to provide t-shirts for Everton which saw the company use an approximate of 75 million pounds. An Australian betting brand by the name online casino bwin in 2006 agreed with AC Millan to give sponsorship of $12,250,000 per year and another deal worth $24.5 million to Manchester United.

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The sudden interest of betting sites to football clubs is peculiar with sponsorships amounts surpassing even some of the local government’s fees advanced to the particular clubs this comes even against the backdrop of strict gambling regulations which try to restrict their operations. It is plain though that the online betting sites are getting massive profits from a large number of persons who indulge in the betting and gaming business.

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