Common Phrases in The Casino World

March 3, 2020 Posted in Gaming Strategies, News by No Comments

The casino, no matter if it’s online or physical kind, never gets old.

It can always be an enjoyable time whether you’re with your friends or by yourself.

But, if you’re a newbie, things can be overwhelming and complicated sometimes if you don’t understand the common phrases.

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For example, the casino phrases that everyone uses.

agreen poker table with poker chips and cards on it

You will often hear them shouted by random players and of course that it will make you wonder what does it mean.

Well, we’re here to explain the most common phrases in the casino world, and make you easily remember them too!

Some of the Most Common Phrases Are:

“Color up!” – When you hear this phrase being asked on a casino table, it means that the player is asking for approval from the dealer to get a bunch of bigger poker chips in exchange for smaller chips.

a male's hand with poker chips and poker cards near it

Hot streak” – This phrase is commonly used when using a slot machine. If the machine pays out big time to a few players in a row, you can hear or even use this phrase.

“Pigeon” – Elder or experienced casino players use this phrase on a daily basis and it can be said to a player who’s a newbie or who is too naive for the casino world.

“Spooking” – This tactic can get you kicked out of the casino you’re in because, technically, it’s cheating. A person is called ‘spooker’ if he peaks the play cards of some other player whilst telling them to his friend in order to strengthen his game.

“Whale” – You can call a player by this name if he bets an enormous amount in one game. It usually is way higher than any of the bets on the table.

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“Betting the limit” – A confident or even cocky casino player will use this phrase when he bets the maximum wager in that game.

“Loading up!” – Someone will ‘load up’ when they will put the maximum coins in a machine casino game (slots, spins).

slot machines in various colors

“Comps” – It’s a common phrase that when someone uses it, it means that they have received multiple gifts like free drinks, free hotel rooms and snacks from the casino.

“Hit the jackpot!” – This is a very used phrase not only in the casino world but in everyday life as well. It means that you have won big or got the jackpot! Exciting, right?

“Shuffle the cards” – Slang for ‘mix the cards’.

“Can I get two ponies?” – ‘Pony’ means $50 so the player is asking for poker chips.

“Too many!” – This phrase is often used by the dealer when you take a card and the limit goes over 21. With this move, you instantly lose your wager.


These are some of the many phrases and jargon that are known in the gambling industry!

With experience there comes knowledge too, so just be patient and play.

That’s the only way you will learn these phrases.