The Best Cities for Online Casino Lovers

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The world is huge and it just waits on you to start exploring it.

Nothing is better than casinos and travel combined together.

Diving deep in that glamorous world sure will make you all tingly and excited about playing and winning a huge amount of money.

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What’s better than adrenaline rushing through you while waiting for the dealer to announce the winner?

And plus, all of that is happening while you know that there is a possibility that the name he will say could be yours.

It’s the best.

Read further to find out what cities are famous for their casino events and what makes them special enough for you to travel there.

Maybe you will become rich as a result of crossing half the world just to get that taste of glamour.

5.  Marina Bay, Singapore 

Marina Bay and Singapore, in general, are not very famous for their casino extravagance.

Or at least this was in the past.

Nowadays, Marina Bay has self-named hotel resorts that bring terrific 24/7 casinos into the country.

The gambling options here are infinite and it has everything an elite and modern casino needs.

There are 500 casino tables, 1.600 slot machines, and over 30 private gambling rooms.

But, in the main gaming room, there is a huge chandelier with more than 130.000 Swarovski crystals.

So extra and it weighs over 7 tons.

In case you’re a non-smoker, there are special rooms for that too.

The only thing that is required is a smart casual dress code (because it’s near water and beaches, short pants, flip flops, and sleeveless shirts are not allowed).

So, dress to impress if you’re planning to get a taste of Marina Bay casinos.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

city at night with buildings who are colorful, and the ocean next to them

They don’t call it the gambling capital of the Shore in New Jersey for nothing.

Atlantic City deserved that reputation and is still going strong.

The great meals, different entertainment shows, and sitting on the beach is only a few of the thing this city has to offer.

But, the casinos are the main thing you really have to try out.

The range of hotels makes it even better because the casinos are upgrading themselves on a daily basis.

It has slots, blackjack games, varieties of poker and many other classic and modern casino games that everyone enjoys.

3. Macau, China

two very tall buildings at night wioth white and pink lights,ther are also trees next to the buildings

The gambling industry in China makes up 50% of the whole economy.

That’s why Macau deserves to be on this list.

The visitors are mainly from Hong Kong and China.

But foreign casinos from Las Vegas are making this casino location what it is truly: a giant.

With 38 casinos, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The biggest one is the Venetian Macao and here you can play the classic gambling games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and spin slots if you’re more traditional.

but there are many other options to experiment with.

It’s simply amazing.

2. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Ah, the city of glamour and wealth.

Monte Carlo is the European capital of celebrity gathering and casino lovers.

That’s why it’s a casino city with visitors from all over the world.

Located between Italy and France, it’s a perfect place for vacation too.

Monte Carlo is the only city in this country but believes me, it’s worth more than 20 cities.

The dress code in the Monaco casino world is strictly formal and you can win big really easily because the bets are pretty high all the time.

The chances to become rich are over the roof.

The classic casino machines are inviting because of the atmosphere and the adrenaline rush.

In conclusion, it’s an experience that needs to be felt because no matter how hard you try, you will never describe it. 

1. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

city at night with lot of buildings and a lake shining in turqiouse color

Everyone knows about Las Vegas’ casinos.

That’s why is famous on a global basis.

Even the casino lovers who still haven’t had the chance to go there can almost feel the euphoria that the place gives just because it’s so great.

The machines are full all the time and many people enjoy casino games just because of this city.

It’s the world capital of casinos and gamble.

The poker tables are huge and the poker rooms are anything a casino lover has ever dreamed of!

Red carpets with gold walls and machine, it’s like you’re in a gambler dream.

People from all generations come here every day because there’s no place like this one.

That’s why it’s on the top of this list (and every casino list in general).  

It’s all very unreal.

The gambling world has many cities that represent it in the best light there could ever be.

Booze drinks, great food, and great casino rounds are the main part that these cities carry.

It’d be a shame to miss such a great opportunity in the name of the casino.