8 of the Best Gambling Destinations in the World

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Getting tired of virtual slot machines? Are those fantasy blackjack tables just not thrilling enough? Perhaps taking a trip to some of these fantastic gambling cities could be the cure for that ever present itch to cash out and make it big.

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Paris, France
Who wouldn’t want to visit Paris? It is such a beautiful city and there are just so many things to do. Shopping, lights, art, and of course, gambling. From the large, 29 table Aviation Club de France which has previously hosted the Grand Prix de Paris leg of the World Poker Tour, to the tiny yet highly intimate Cercle Anglais, there is surely something for every gambler.

Los Angeles, California USA
Los Angeles, California. A place for fun in the sun and gambling abound. From the beautiful Gardens Casino, to the amazing food at the Blackjack Lounge, bring a friend or a loved one and get ready for some good fun!

Marina Bay, Singapore
While Singapore has few gambling spots, Marina Bay quite the hotspot for worldwide travelers. Singapore itself places fourth in the top gambling locations in the world, just behind the United States, Macau, and Canada respectively.

London, England
Sports gambling has an extensive history in London, being well known for horse, greyhound, and football gambling. It is also the major hub of the ever popular Bingo, having Bingo halls set up since just after World War II.

Monte Carlo, Monaco
A gambling haven for all things slot and card. With a large array of casinos, resorts, and luxury gambling, a trip to Monte Carlo is sure to be a jackpot of a win. Just be sure to visit Casino de Monte-Carlo, the gambling and entertainment hub of Monte Carlo. It even includes a full theatre!

Atlantic City, New Jersey USA
The original inspiration for Monopoly, Atlantic City. It is one of the most famous cities in the world for its world-class casinos and resorts. Once the day is closing and the fun is winding down, be sure to take a walk down its iconic boardwalk!

Las Vegas, Nevada USA
The granddaddy of all gambling hotspots. With over 100 casinos on the Vegas Strip alone, there is surely a place for every budget. Even just taking a walk to see their famous lights would be worth the trip and don’t forget to sit around and listen to some Elvis impersonators while at it.

Macau, China
This city has been dubbed the Monte Carlo of the Orient. With the casinos being one of the main reasons tourists visit in the first place, it only stands to reason that their casinos and resorts can stand up to the test of even the most superstitious of gamblers.

With all these places in the world to visit with all their lovely gambling locations, it only is a matter of time before a jackpot is scored. So go, get out there and play responsibly!

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