Winning Techniques and Strategies with Real Money Gambling

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Hits for Slots Machines for Experienced Players

Casino slot machines have basic and advanced features that should be known to understand the nature of the game. Once this is understood then it is time to devise a strategy that matches both the temperament and wallet. The first step in doing this is to choose the online casino to find the best deals. Then there are several things that successful gamblers use when playing slots machines no matter what they use for a betting style. One of these is to know the volatility level you can be comfortable with in gambling before playing.

The volatility is measured by the frequency of payouts and the size of the payout. The player that is conservative in their gaming it is better to choose games with a low volatility, which means the gaming will be slow and steady wins. The gambler looking for the thrill of the game and high stakes might want to look for high volatility games. This means the games pay out less but have a bigger payout. The downfall for this gambler is they need to have a larger bankroll to play long games. The three things slot gamblers want to look for falling into either category is:

• Hit Frequency
• Return to Player Percentage
• Type of Jackpot

Choosing the Right Slot Machine for You

Choosing the right slot machine is part of being successful for either type of gambler, and the payout on the machine will depend on a few things. First is the jackpot fixed or progressive? This will determine the maximum return on the amount wagered. This is hit and frequency that needs to be investigated.

Then there is the choice of progressive gaming or a fixed jackpot. The progressive jackpot, of course, keeps increasing as the game continues, while the fixed jackpot the payout is confirmed. Then the other thing to consider is the return to player, which anyone who gambles at online casinos knows this is the percentage value. This is a figure that isn’t always disclosed but using a search engine with the specific game it might be possible to find the percentage of the amount put in from all players is returned.

This could be a percentage difference of getting 60 percent of your funds while the casino gets 40 percent. But most slots machines have a percentage closer to 90 percent. The thing to watch for with this percentage is for low values, which often means it is less frequent wins. If you are a player that likes the thrill then it may be just the game since only a few win a big jackpot in this case.

Playing Poker

Some gamblers like to play poker and there is no shortage of places to play online poker and even win big. One of the impressive places for quite some time to play poker and in large pots and even get into the World Series of Poker for a lottery winning pot is PokerStars. This is one of the only sites based in the US and accepts American players. The one other site that permits American poker players is Bodog and it has gained much popularity for poker players with big games and smaller pot games. Party Poker is another of the well used online poker sites with large pots daily though it no longer accepts US poker players. There, of course, are many other casinos offering poker, but two of these three accept American gamblers and all three have both small and large pot games daily. Plus they have playoff games that have huge pots for the winner.

Mobile Phone Apps

Some casinos don’t offer play on mobile phones, but more and more are offering the ability to play on smartphones. Accessing a real money game on a phone means not being trapped at a desk if it is a big money game that could take a lengthy amount of time.

There are apps out there for iPhones and Ipads that can be downloaded from the app store and then the gambler can use the mobile version of the casino’s site. One of the largest advantages bedside not being tied to a desk is the games operate smoothly and the app updates automatically. Apple has a strict policy for real money gambling applications to keep players safe and it is a reason that online casino operators are intent on developing mobile gaming.

The Downside

Everything has a downside, but the iPhone apps have more advantages than disadvantages in this case. The biggest disadvantage is not all casinos have made their casinos mobile friendly. The only other issue is there is not enough assurance downloading any apps at the Apple store that they are virus free that could harm the phone or iPad. Worse it doesn’t guarantee that if it is malicious software that it isn’t going to collect personal or banking information.


Apple does have some restrictions since different countries have different laws and US players may run into these restrictions. Apple apps may prevent US players from using some casinos including ones in the US. Until the US gets more relaxed with gambling laws it will remain this way. The apps are especially a good choice for gamblers living in countries with more relaxed gambling laws.

How Big is Online Gambling

US. The statistics from 2015 showed online gambling was a $41 billion dollar business and has grown larger in 2016. An article in Morgan Stanley estimates legal US gambling will reach $5.2 billion by 2020. Outside of the US real money gamblers have fewer restrictions and a variety of ways to make deposits to gamble including places like Pay Pal, Bitcoin, and Neteller. Their largest obstacle to gamble is being the legal age to gamble.

Top Rated Casinos

There are some top rated casinos for gambling with real money. These include places like Casumo, LeoVegas, and Dunder Casino.


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