Casino Payments via Bank Australia are Banned

October 24, 2020 Posted in Live Casino, Mobile Casinos, Payment, Tips by No Comments

The Bank Australia announced that their credit cards will no longer be eligible for making casino payments.

Casino Payments via Bank Australia are Banned

Players will have to find another way to manage deposits and withdrawals on casino sites until December 1.

Ultimately, users of Bank Australia credit cards will not be able to claim no deposit bonuses anymore.

Luckily, players have sufficient time until the realization of this decision to find a decent replacement for casino payments.

If you are interested in learning the details of the decision made by Bank Australia, keep reading.

About the Casino Payments ban

Bank Australia has a significant influence on its business in Australia and NZ. Therefore, many players will be affected by this decision to ban casino payments.

However, the Bank stays by its decision and further explains that more than 80% of customers agree with it.

The online casino sector isn’t the only industry branch that is struck with the ban decision. Bank Australia also forbids its customers to use their credit cards in making payments in several other sectors.

Users of such credit cards will no longer be able to use them in payment transactions regarding arms and ammunition, tobacco sector payments, and many more.

However, online gamblers in most cases use bank transfers in making deposits to casino sites.

Namely, the decision to ban casino payments does not necessarily reflect online casinos solely.

Players’ access to lottery sites and sports betting sites accounts is also under restriction.

In regards to this decision, players can choose between several payment methods eligible for such purpose.

There is the option to use Apple Pay, Neteller, Skrill, and many other payment platforms to make casino deposits.

Withdrawals will, however, require more attention as not every e-wallet offers that side of the service.

Still, there are enough choices in the disposal to players affected by the decision that Bank Australia made.

Changes in the online casino industry

The idea to ban casino payments for users of Bank Australia credit cards may seem surprising.

Nevertheless, there have come to some changes in the whole sector that made the Bank consider such an option.

A large number of customers approving of this move also serves as the confirmation that it was inevitable.

Luckily to online casino players, the industry can tackle the difficulties served upon it.

The always rising number of online gambling sites comes with more sophisticated payment methods.

Casino payments are therefore made much easier and much more accessible.

Some types of casino payments even enable players to use their mobile bill to deposit funds on their accounts.

The online gambling industry offers enough solutions for all players to switch to regarding casino payments.

It is up to every player now to choose any of the mentioned payment methods still eligible for casino deposits.

One thing is certain, however – the casino payments via Bank Australia credit cards become inactive starting from the 1st December 2020.