Everything about the Virtual Table Games Online

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Virtual Table Games

Many online casinos in NZ offer virtual table casino games, but rare are the players that understand them. Some players perhaps avoid the games because they seem rigged and the chance of winning seems low.

In essence, virtual casino games are no different than regular live casino games. The main difference is in the mechanics of the games. While live casino games are streamed live and come with dealers, virtual table games work differently.

Are you interested enough to find out more about virtual casino games and how they work? If so, stay in touch with the guide for more details!

General info on Virtual Table Games

The virtual table games are unlike any other variants of table games. They don’t require the provider to have a live streaming studio and pay the dealers to enable the games to players. Instead, these games rely on casino software that configures the winning chances.

Therefore, the games have a solid RTP percentage like online slots. As the live casino games work based on the luck and the throw of the dealer, the virtual table games operate distinctively.

Payout percentage determines your score in the virtual table games before you even enter the game. They are much like slot games in terms of players being unable to affect the game.

Also, the winning potential on virtual variants of the famous casino games is much less when compared to live dealing versions. Still, virtual table games provide a sufficient way of enjoying land-based casino games via mobile devices.

Layout and Visuals of the Virtual Table Games

The layout of the virtual table games on online casinos is mostly unrealistic and features 3D graphics. The visuals even remind me of computer games sometimes, but it all depends on the provider. Providers of virtual table games are rarely live casino providers.

Instead, these games are mostly made by slot providers that are making a shift to the other type of games. With these games, a table is set at the center of the layout and its appearance varies for different games.

The absence of live dealers is somewhat compensated by animated dealers or just plain gameplay visuals. Some games exclude even virtual dealers, but the game is not affected by this absence of the main gameplay character.

Moreover, there’s no need to wait for the dealer to draw cards or deal with players as everything is done by software. This way, the outcome is predetermined and players just can’t affect the result. However, the graphics ensure that each game round is intense and resembles a real-life playing sensation.

The RNG Operability of the games

Since the virtual table games rely on RNG to determine the outcome of each round, you should be familiar with this term. The random number generator ensures that the odds of winning are similar to real-life table games.

As slot games work on the same principle, the RNG is unpredictable and you never know what to expect. Still, the presence of RNG is much more visible in online slots when compared to virtual table games. Namely, virtual games tend to make a connection with real games.

So, the software does it all for you but you will either way experience the game fully. From the deals and card draw rounds to the strategy used; these games don’t differ from live casino games.

The differences are clear, but playing these games can feel much like playing live dealing titles. Still, you should always be aware of the RNG operability in these games. There is one advantage to this – you can claim several casino bonus offers since the games are offered on casino sites.

Main types of Virtual Table Games

Now that you know more about virtual table games and how they work, it’s time to get into the most popular ones! There are several types of virtual table games that are vastly popular among NZ players.

So, we’ll cover one game at a time to bring you the best ones to play online!

Video Poker

Video Poker is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to virtual table games. Online casinos in NZ are equipped with these Poker variants to make up for the absence of live Poker.

Still, all the game aspects are present from the hand values to community cards and Poker hand assembly. All it takes is to know the rules before deciding to play this type of virtual table game.

Virtual Blackjack

Virtual Blackjack is yet another convenient virtual table game variant to come by. If you are a fan of the famous card game, you can use this variant for some swift rounds.

Without a dealer, there’s no need to wait for your chance to play. On the other hand, the gameplay aspects are unchanged. The goal of the game is the same and there are even several distinctive virtual Blackjack types.

Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is the closest thing that you can find to Live Roulette games. For the online market, Auto Roulette comes without a dealer and you place your bets as it suits you. You also determine the timing of each playing round.

Auto Roulette makes a perfect version of Roulette for novice players that wish to learn the game.

Virtual Table Games – Final Words

As much as it is compelling to play live dealing variants of table games, virtual table games make a worthy replacement.

They also qualify for some on-site tournaments that could award you with bonuses or free spins no deposit offers. On top of that, the virtual table games are perfect for learning to play the live casino variants.

So, ultimately these games stand for a good choice when it comes to table casino releases and games like Roulette. They may not be streamed with HD cameras and dealers, but they offer enough quality to apply the general knowledge of the games.