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Welcome Bonus / Signup Bonus

The most common (and often most valuable) type of online casino bonus is provided simply for signing up as a new user. Casinos need to generate new business regularly to stay ahead of the competition, so players get a major advantage when making their first deposit. Requirements aren’t too strict as long as the user understands the deposit amount required to collect the bonus, as well as the amount that must be wagered. A lot of users have learned the trick to collecting bonuses from multiple sites as a way to take advantage of the system. Bonus whoring basically involves depositing and wagering enough to meet the requirements for a bonus, and then the player will completely cash out with the profit. The user would move on the same money to join another site for their signup bonus to collect from multiple sources. There are no restrictions on playing at multiple AU casinos at one time, so there are players that maintain a balance and activity on different sites.

Welcome Bonus