Tragic Shootings in Casinos

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Nowadays, casinos are considered as extremely regulated and safe environments.

The gambling laws regulate most of the issues that arose in the past.

Yet, as in any other field, certain loopholes allow for tragic events to occur.

In the last few years, there were a few massive casino shootings with horrible consequences.

Shooting in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The most terrible shooting of the last decade was caused by Stephen Craig Paddock in 2017.

Up until this day, the reasons behind the most brutal tragedy remain unknown.

The most approved theory is a psychiatric breakdown of the murderer.

To be more specific, Paddock, the most famous mass murderer killed 58 people and injured more than 700 in a single attack.

He was a gambling enthusiast, but he wasn’t known among the high-stake players in the city.

In one week he managed to move over 21 luggage bags full of weapons and ammunition.

the building  of mandala bay casino

He placed himself in a strategic location and started firing from the 32nd floor, out of his window.

15 minutes later, the police discover his location and breached his door.

To complete the tragedy, Paddock, at the age of 64, killed himself several seconds before he was discovered.

From October 1st, 2017, he is and will be remembered as the cruelest murderer of modern times.

Shooting in Manila, Philippines

Another tragic event from 2017 is the shooting in Resorts World, located in the Philippines.

A random man entered the casino, shot with an automatic rifle, and bottled gasoline.

At first, it seemed like he didn’t have the intention to kill anyone but to fire warning shots.

Anyhow, more than 35 people were found dead.

He set the second floor’s gaming tables on fire and caused enormous panic.

There were even people who jumped out of windows to save themselves.

He managed to collect approximately Β£1.7 million in casino chips.

After he was surrounded by the police, he locked himself in a room.

He set the bedroom sheets on fire and lied on it.

When the police found him, he was completely burned and unrecognizable.

Up until this date, the shooter and his intentions remain a mystery.

a man standing with his bandaged arm next to a security guard as a result of the shooting

Shooting in Puente Alto, Chile

In the last few years, the Chilean Gambling Laws were revised to allow for the existence of small-sized casinos in small districts and areas.

Such an area is Puente Alto, located near the capital city Santiago.

The event in question happened after this law modification.

More specifically, an armed man went into a small casino and shot 40 bullets in less than 10 seconds.

His operation resulted in the death of five people, but the reasons for his actions are still unknown.

There is footage at which it is clear that he used an automatic Glock.

The police did a thorough investigation and several possible scenarios.

The most logical reason for this ruthless plan was determined as gang rivalry.

The Role of Online Casinos

A lot of players love the thrill of the games but feel unsafe in land-based casinos.

After reading these alarming stories, you may as well feel the same way.

Anyhow, you should remember that online casinos are a great substitute for an exciting gambling experience.

You can enjoy a great play from the comfort of your home.

But after all, tragic events may happen at any place at any time.

Modern casinos are far more regulated than other establishments from our daily lives.

So, it is all a matter of personal preference.