The Mathematics behind Gambling

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There are people who rely on luck, and then there are people who rely on numbers.

A lot of us simply love the casino and the idea of gambling.

The whole concept of having a chance to win so much money and make all of your troubles disappear.

It gives us an inner thrill, knowing that the winning odds are within that pack of cards we just drew or within the slots machine we chose.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are a plethora of experienced players out there who rely on the mathematics to sort out the odds.

And allow them to have a competitive advantage over the average casino goers out there.

These people have been trying to explain their methods and ways of calculating for years, and today we will be going over some of these concepts.


The idea of becoming an online gambling master is not a mystery to anyone, having the upper hand at any game is a dream come true to most of us.

cards and poker chips laying on a green casino table

However, in order to do that you need to take into consideration the power of mathematics as an integral part of any gambling event.

Probability Model

This is often associated with the game of roulette or craps, where you have a chance of winning.

This is reliant on what exactly will be the total number of the dices thrown or what number the ball will hit in the game of roulette.

If we know that each dice has numbers from 1 to 6, and we know the number of the dices that are being thrown, we can make predictions of what the numbers can end up being.

In the game of roulette, the standard deviation can be calculated with the help of a binomial distribution formula.

√npq – N Is the number of rounds played, P is the probability of winning and Q is the probability of losing.

There is also the Volatility index which defines the standard deviation for one round, the variance V is defined as the square of the volatility index. 

Sports Betting

Bookies often use a lot of calculations to help them determine risks or settle ods for certain events in order to establish a ratio between expenses and revenues. 

Advantage Gambling refers to legal methods that can give players or bettors an advantage while placing bets. 

green blackjack table with cards on it

Card Counting

Card Counting can be seen as an unethical and cheating technique; however, it does provide a mathematical advantage based on numbers.

If you are aware of which cards are being dealt with and if you know the pair of cards within your hands, you can make solid predictions.

A lot of experienced players out there rely upon and trust in their ability to count cards in order to successfully win.

However, since this is an extremely unethical way of winning, you may get banned from some casinos if you decide to do such a thing.

Learn how to calculate the odds and you will have a better chance of winning within any casino game.