The Luckiest Colors That Are Associated With Casino

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Casino games are sheer luck, and people would do and believe anything in order to win money in it.

Whether there are lucky charms or superstitions, anything is believable as soon as you see the winning prize.

Well, color psychology has a part of the casino luck as well!

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There are certain colors that are known for bringing prosperity and good fortune anywhere you go.

Let’s check out the most popular superstitious colors in the casino world.

the casino cards ace and king next to couple of red chips on a green poker table


It wasn’t hard to guess, I know.

Red is the color that is associated with casinos the most and there is a valid reason as well.

In the Chinese culture and in the Native American’s, the red color is a color of prosperity, good fortune, wealth and happiness.

It’s also the color of life because the blood is red.

This color is wore by the casino gamblers and the Asian community is especially into stuff like these because this color is all over the casinos over there.

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This color not only that it’s a lucky color when it comes to the casino world, but it also is on a whole bunch of country flags all around the world.

And believe me, that’s not without a reason.

The wallpapers in most of the global casinos are green, as well as the poker chips, the floors, even the poker table is green.

green poker chips


This list wouldn’t be complete without the gold color. Nothing screams ‘wealth and money’ more than this color.

This metal is more valuable than money and the coins that pour out on the jackpot screen when you win one…are golden!

Except for the coins, if you see or win any golden bars on a slot machine (or any casino machine, for that matter), it means that you won big!


Before you judge this color, let it speak first.

The black color is associated with death and ends in lots of cultures all around the world, but that’s not the case in the casino world.

Here, it’s the elegant color wore to a black-tie event and it’s even part of the dynamic color duo: black and red.

Everything that the casino consists of is colored with these two colors; the poker suits, the poker chips, the roulette wheel and so on.

You can’t mistake this color because it’s everywhere and it’s doing a good job when it comes to casino luck and wealth.

Even though no one believes in these superstitions, there’s no denying that they can really mean something in the gambling world.

Many people have won millions of dollars on the casino tables and machines just because of the color psychology.

After all, it’s always fun to believe in something because if you don’t have faith in yourself, who will?

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