The History of Gambling in Ancient Egypt

April 17, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

The casino and gambling as an activity have a very long history.

So long that it dates back all the way to ancient times.

And why is that, you ask?

Well, because ever since day 1, people needed some sort of fun in order to kill time. They didn’t want to be bored.

They had all sorts of amusements; women, friends, drinking, and of course, the casino.

In Ancient Egypt, this was the case as well. Because they didn’t have any technologies as we have today.

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The people needed to have fun. Boredom is a scary thing if left on for too long.

It can drive a man insane.

That’s how gambling as an activity was more and more popular as time passed.

ancient egypt queen playing senet

Everyone was loving it, and everyone as certainly enjoying it.

Even the royals. 

Because people back then were very superstitious, they were practicing rituals and believing in certain things in order to win money.

For example, the ‘even numbers’ were classified as good luck, whereas the ‘odds’ were considered as a bad one. 

The people weren’t gambling in money only.

They were gambling in women as well and in any other material objects.

They were certainly enjoying this, and the women didn’t mind it as well.


They started using dice cubes as an additional tool of gambling, and soon enough, the board games started to take a big place as well.

The Egyptians loved these kinds of games, and they were practicing them every day.

The board games were a hot trend back then.

Have you ever heard of Senet?

Well, if you haven’t I don’t blame you.

Senet was the first board game that the Egyptians were gambling on.

Since that game, many other forms and types were appearing, and the people just couldn’t wait to play and play. 

They believed in magic, superstitions and everything else that was supernatural.

They even had gods of gambling that they prayed on.

And the gods of gambling were pretty generous as well.

They were making their people happy.

two royals playing senet

Anywhere, in any corner, you could have seen men of all generations.

They were sitting and playing board games either with their friends or with complete strangers.

It was a natural thing to do.

They didn’t have the technology to build wheel and table games, but they were satisfied with what they had. 


The casino history is a long one, and we can stay all night telling stories about it.

The Egyptians knew what was up, and that’s why they loved gambling and enjoying it with caution.

Just like today, they weren’t afraid of a little challenge and a rush of adrenaline.

That’s why, today, the casino rooms are flooded with Ancient Egypt-themed games and everything else that reminds you of the golden era of pharaohs and mummies.