The Drinks You Need to Try When Going to a Casino

May 29, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

We have all been at that moment, you visit a casino, you sit down to play a game of poker, or maybe you want to try your luck at a game of blackjack, and you kind of get carried away with it, because, after all, casinos are indeed made to keep you entertained for a lot of hours.

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So you end up wondering, what do I want to drink, and are slightly overwhelmed by the menu they have on offer.

A lot of players are constantly asking themselves what is the right drink for me, and here are some of the best recommendations from players and bartenders across the world.

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The Wine


Wine is probably one of the most common drinks you can have and it is a classic drink that is fit for any occasion.

There isn’t any situation out there where you would make a mistake ordering some fine wine, as it is a popular drink dearly beloved by many of players out there.

There are a variety of wines, so you will need to do some research or find a decent bartender to show you around the menu.

You can mix and match based on your budget, but drinking wine is a solid option nonetheless.

The Old Fashioned

old fashioned

A cocktail that is dearly loved by many generations.

Made with bourbon, angostura bitters and sugar, it is commonly served with ice and some lemon.

It originates as far back as the 1800s.

It Is recommended to drink slowly, as it can give you a kick if you drink it instantly.

But as the ice melts, the cocktail dilutes and it gives you a lot of varieties of the drink.

This is one of the charms of the Old Fashioned.

The Dry Martini

dry martini

If you are an avid James Bond fan you have probably heard a martini mentioned in a lot of his movies.

As such, this is one of the most iconic casino drinks out there, as it has class and sophistication to it.

It truly showcases that you are a person of specific tastes and will make you stand out from a crowd.

The Gin and Tonic

gin and tonic

Gin and tonic is also an extremely common drink at any casino, as it is easy to get into and is extremely tasty no matter who you are.

The gin and tonic is a staple within bars for decades, and it was originally drunk by British soldiers in India during the 19th century, giving you an exciting story each time you order it and someone asks why.

The Beer


One of the finest casino drinks.

It is enjoyed on a daily basis my millions of people out there, its comfortable, common and it does not get you too drunk, so you can still keep focusing on your game.

It is also fairly affordable, giving you a much larger budget to gamble with.