The Best Roulette-Themed Tattoos

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Tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself and your personality.

A lot of people go into great depths to truly find the perfect tattoo for themselves and express the way they feel as well as showcase their interest through their bodies.

A lot of people genuinely feel like tattoos are the coolest thing you can have on your body, and as such, they are a very popular way of expression and a go-to for people who are fans of the arts.

Every tattoo is an art piece and some of them feature casino game themes.

In this article we will be looking over some of the best casino roulette themed tattoos. 


Tattoo origins date back to the Bronze Age.

roulette tattoo

The oldest tattoo was found in 1991 in the Italian Alps.

The shapes were simply with crosses, dashes, and elementary figures.

Tattoos exist from ancient times and have been implemented in many ways.

African and Native American tribes considered them as war signs.

Warriors were allowed to wear the tattoos as a showcase of their skill.


Tattoos are a way to express your inner self and interests, such as your family roots or heritage.

This can include the place of birth or nationality or even your local history. 


In the past, a lot of tattooed people have been wrongly accused and seen as criminals due to their tattoos. 

This can be due to the fact that in places such as Great Britain, tattoos were used to mark prisoners, but that was a long, long time ago.

Roulette Wheel Tattoo

This type of tattoo can be found in two types of people, gamblers and gangsters. 

It shows the courage and risk that you are taking each time you take a bet at any casino.

These types of people are known to push their luck to the absolute limit.

There are different types of styles in the tattoo culture.

roulette tattoo

Roulette tattoos can be categorized as prison tattoos which are gang-related and Chicano style Mexican Tattoos.

Prison tattoos can be distinguished due to the fact that they are randomly spread all over the body without patterns.

Gambling tattoos are also related to any type of casino gamers.

They are usually accompanied at a full sleeve by tattoos such as dollar bills, clovers, skulls, aces, a roulette table, a roulette wheel and old fashioned revolves to match the style as a whole.

Chicano style covers a huge part of the gambling aspect but also parts of the prison culture and it can even include religious elements to truly tie everything up.

Casino gamblers also include luck related tattoos such as crosses, roses, or other sings that imply luck it any religion or culture.