The Best 1920s-Themed Casino Slots Games

May 11, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

Ah, the 1920s.

The era where the world finally learned how to enjoy themselves without feeling the guilt from the past.

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The women finally woke up and started to fight their way to vote, the people were very open about alcohol and there were parties everywhere, with no exception.

The people truly had fun.

Gambling was no longer a taboo topic, and everyone was so open-minded about it.

The people started enjoying the privileges of the casino activities and the bets were transformed into big bucks.

All of this happened in only one era.

Who wouldn’t love the 20s?

Thre is an everyday inspiration to the daily life that we are living at the moment.

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You can basically see this era everywhere; fashion, the interior design.


The world is looking back on the 20s, and they have no regrets.

The same applies to the casino world, the slot machines to be exact.

The 20s-themed slot games are getting more and more popular every day.

Here are the most popular out of them. 

Roaring Twenties (Openbet)

As the name itself suggests, the Roaring Twenties slot game is the famous one made by Openbet.

Named after the nickname of the era itself, this game has 5 reels that allow you to really have the time of your life with this one.

Except for the fact that the betting start of this game is $3, this game also consists of many bonuses and other free features (like free spins, for example) that can really help you when it comes to the jackpot.

There are also coins that can be won if you get a bonus symbol.

They are really nice and according to the theme, they are corresponding to it. I have tried it; believe me, you won’t regret it. 

roaring twenties slot game

Flappers (Stakelogic)

Another one speaking on behalf of its name, Flappers is yet another slot game that is inspired by the famous 20s.

This game is a little different when compared to the other one.

While the previous one has cars, bombs, and gangsters, this game is more of the party life and jazz.

As the name suggests, Flappers consists of hot girls that are all over the slot reels.

When it comes to the reels, there are 5 of them which are all sprinkled by the magic of the girls who are smiling and cheering for you.

Their betting points stars at $0.50 and the RTP is more than 95%.

What else do you need from a slot game?

The game’s charm and its bonuses can really bring your game to the top! 

flappers slot game

The 20s were a magical time, and when combined with the slot technology that we have today, it can result in brilliant slot games.

They are fun and shiny, bright; all you need to do is tor each out for them!