Stakelogic and Jelly are partnering up over Online Casino Deal

October 3, 2020 Posted in Mobile Casinos, New Casinos, News by No Comments

As the world of online casino games gets bigger and bigger, Stakelogic looks to bring the much-needed change to the game.


The new Greenlogic program sets the iGaming studio apart from its competitors. This program is designed to craft innovative changes into games by applying teamwork among slot providers.

Being one of such prospective providers that Stakelogic looks to partner up with, Jelly is the latest addition to the Greenlogic platform. Now, both companies will have the chance to share common ideas and specific knowledge and create amazing content.

Stakelogic – A platform to suit everyone’s needs

Greenlogic isn’t just any online gambling platform; it is a unique idea on how several companies can create better content together than independently.

Stakelogic counts on the help of its fellow slot game providers, and every provider will have a specific game segment to work on.

Although all the games produced this way will have the Stakelogic trademark on them, there will be an appreciation for the partners as well. Companies like Jelly, that helps Stakelogic develop new games will have their names listed as collaborating sides.

This way, the entire team of slot publishing companies can benefit from participating in the creation of new and innovative games.

The Greenlogic platform certainly seems like a game-changer, and Jelly will be a valuable addition to the lineup.

The opportunity to ensure further growth

Even now, while works on the platform are still in progress, it is clear that the Greenlogic will be a success. Jelly was one of the first companies to join the mission, so there is much room for their growth as well.

This deal could easily improve the ratings of all publishing companies involved.

New companies like Jelly could benefit the most as the new setup and working environment allow their experts to focus solely on their specific tasks.

Every provider will contribute to skills that are defining their companies, therefore creating astonishing final results. As the officials from Stakelogic state, the first game developed by joined forces of Jelly and Stakelogic experts will shortly be released.

As much as we already know various details on the partnership, some crucial aspects are still unresolved. For instance, it is still unclear how players will receive types of casino bonus and promotional offers.

Nevertheless, Stakelogic has the strong support of its partners, including several online casino sites in NZ that could offer bonuses to players.

Relax Gaming and Hurricane Gaming are just some of the names included in the Greenlogic process.

One thing is for sure – as Stakelogic premium titles like Lion Gold and The Legend of Hercules are already popular, new games will be even better.

The focus of the new platform is on improving the overall gameplay layout of the games. Having that in mind, we could expect big changes to the player’s interface and the graphics of the newly-produced slots.

As the hype for the new platform continues, new prospective companies like Jelly are joining the crew and great results are expected.