SkyCity Presents a New Hotel Group Project

September 21, 2020 Posted in New Casinos, News, Slots by No Comments

One of the leading casino companies in NZ, SkyCity, enters a new market by announcing the opening of its SkyCity Hotel Group.

SkyCity Presents a New Hotel Group Project

SkyCity is known for its land-based casino in Auckland and for launching one of the few online casinos in NZ that have a land-based version.

To boost its gross profit and income, SkyCity now focuses on financing several non-casino projects.

One of those projects is the dedicated accommodation hotel company. The casino giant wants to focus on more than just casino-related income streams.

Now with an exciting new project In plan, the company can benefit so much from having such a diverse business.

The transition from Gambling to Accommodation

It isn’t so shocking to hear that SkyCity releases its own Hotel Group management. The well-known casino company has considerable experience in catering.

SkyCity Hotel and SkyCity Grand Hotel have already attracted visitors from various countries.

The SkyCity Hotel offers plain but comfortable rooms for an affordable price. Moreover, the building itself features a Sky Tower and several restaurants at the top including Orbit.

The view from the top of the tower is just outstanding and gives a nice panoramic view of Auckland.

The hotel, however, has 4 starts no matter the beautiful view and all the features it offers.

On the other hand, the SkyCity Grand Hotel is a 5-star hotel providing a great experience for visitors.

Grand Hotel offers a little bit more beautiful rooms and a luxurious feeling.

The rooms come for a fairly bigger price than the SkyCity Hotel rooms, however, it is worth paying for.

The Grand Hotel is also connected to SkyCity by an air bridge, so customers and visitors can get a complete experience.

The hotel business isn’t the only such idea that the SkyCity board had in previous years. SkyCity also holds several restaurants in Auckland and we can expect more such actions in the future.

The Growth of the Business

SkyCity has developed so much as a business in the past few years. Having a land-based casino in Auckland was just the tip of the iceberg as now the company holds to much more.

Restaurants and Hotels have become regular branches of SkyCity business, as well as the online casino.

Now, the Group GV Hotels, as the company branch will be officially called, offers more to the industry.

As the number of employees continues to grow, as well as their salary satisfaction, SkyCity has to navigate the non-gambling business.

Managing director Collin McClean will be in charge of Group GV Hotels businesses.

Not only will this new management branch be in charge of new hotels, but it will also be in charge of all non-gambling branches.

The Group GV Hotels is a branch on its own and the whole management process will now be much easier.

Casinos will still be operated by Auckland and Adelaide land-based casino headquarters.

Now players that prefer gambling in any of their gambling facilities or website can enjoy staying in new hotels too.