SkyCity Casino – Full Financial Report

One of the biggest casino chains in NZ, the SkyCity Casino, makes its latest financial report available to the public.

SkyCity Casino full report

The report for the year 2020 seems much worse than the previous one, although the company isn’t endangered.

Lower gross profit income made the revenues drop, but the opening of SkyCity online casino made the situation better.

If you are interested in knowing the details of the SkyCity financial report, continue reading.

Details of the SkyCity Financial Report

The temporary closing of casino objects affected SkyCity Casino revenues greatly.

The previous financial report was overall a lot better, as the company marked a 24% lower profit this year.

Total earnings this year of NZD 780 Million are fairly lower in comparison to NZD 1 billion the year before.

SkyCity launched its first online casino this year as well. The opening of its specialized gambling site partially saved the finances of the company.

The company took the use of casino bonus offers to keep their faithful players occupied.

A lot of loyal players continued playing SkyCity game selection from their mobile devices while objects were closed.

Net profit after tax has also significantly decreased this year. The figure of NZD 66 Million is far less than the last year’s NZD 164 million the year before.

The decrease in revenues went up to 60% in comparison to previous years. No matter the tough conditions, SkyCity casino still maintains a large player base.

The statistics state that over 40 thousand new players were welcomed on their gambling platforms this year.

That fact alone proves the solid position of the SkyCity brand on the current market.

A wide network of new platforms improves the business of the company, even in situations of financial difficulties.

About SkyCity Brand

The SkyCity brand originally started in Auckland, as a land-based casino.

Over the years, warm and welcome staff and diverse game selection attracted a mass of new players.

Now, the company includes much more than just one casino object. There are two main headquarters of SkyCity, located in Adelaide and Auckland.

Furthermore, there is the official SkyCity chain of hotels, as well as the SkyCity tower.

Both gamblers and tourists can benefit from all the services that the company has to offer.

There is an air bridge connecting two main hotels, and several restaurants included in the complex.

SkyCity is clearly over being just a casino operator, as the board always looks at how to expand the business.

Still, this year was one of the toughest financial years that the company had so far. Lower gross profit and after-tax revenues made the financial situation of SkyCity complicated.

However, closed object re-opened in August and there is a solid chance that the report will improve until the end of the year.

SkyCity is still one of the most valuable gambling brands in NZ. Its services towards players create a warm gambling atmosphere.

Overall experience in their objects and website is completed with impressive customer support.

Ultimately, the year was rough but didn’t shut down the ambitions of SkyCity.