Sales Assistant Hits Huge Jackpot at Casumo Casino

August 7, 2019 Posted in News by No Comments

Sadia, a sales assistant from Swansea, recently hit it big with the Jackpot at Casumo online casino. She won nearly 260,000 pounds on the Wild Elements Game. She got to live out the dream that so many people in New Zealand and beyond have in their heads. Apparently, it all went down in the following fashion.

Casumo Casino

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Sadia had turned in for the night, and was on her bed, deciding whether she wanted to sleep or not. Instead, she decided to start playing Wild Elements. Eventually, she grew tired and was planning on going to bed for real, but then she decided on just one more bet. It was a 4-pound bet, and this was the one that won her hundreds of thousands of pounds. Immediately, she got up, starting dancing with joy, and flew down to where her children were sleeping. She gave them all a hug, celebrating with them.

Then, she went and found her husband, and start celebrating with him too. Apparently, he was so excited he began shouting something about how none of this could be happening, or was this really happening. But, it was happening. 

Now, Sadia has decided to spend some of the money improving things for herself and her family. For example, she’s decided to go on a trip with her husband for a romantic getaway to have some time alone. 

Another interesting story that came out after all of this is how Sadia had seen a house that she loved previously, but the deposit was too high for her to be able to afford it. So, instead, they had to go for a different one that she didn’t love quite so much. However, the difference is that now they have the money to be able to afford the house they wanted, so they may go back and get it now. 

All of this was possible because of the Wild Elements game, which has some unique features. It’s also a unique game in general due to the fact that it has some eye-popping animations. It has the Must Drop Jackpot feature, which is what Sadia actually won. Someone has to win it, in other words. In this case, it was Sadia, but next time, it could certainly be you.

Sadia used to play Vikings, another game from Casumo, but recently fell in love with Wild Elements, which has great animations from the 4 elements. It even has a compelling storyline that can really pull you in too. It also has an interesting gameplay that keeps you coming back for more, Sadia is certainly happy that she did, and you may be as well.

The game is only available from Casumo and nowhere else, it’s completely exclusive. It also will only be around in its current form for a few more months. This means that if you want a chance to play, now is the time. You can get this done easily by getting down to the website and registering for free. Many people are glad they did. Even for those who don’t win the jackpot right away end up with great returns that go up to as much as 96% even without any additional modifiers. There are modifiers as well, of course, and they constantly come up to help you win more and more. 

Many people find that they love Wild Elements for all of these reasons and many more. You may regret it for a while after if you’re a online casino fan but you miss out on this game because it may not come back in the same form.