How Gambling Worked in the Old West

June 26, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

Everyone knows how far and long does the gambling industry stretches back in the past.

It was really popular since the earliest ancient cultures, and that was only the beginning.

Now, with casino rooms all over the world on almost every corner, it’s hard to avoid them.

And why should you, after all?

They are fun and easy to play and can bring you a lot of money.

Its a really good opportunity for anyone, of course, if you follow the rules.

Casinos cant make it without a set of rules that are crucial to be respected by the casino guests.

That was the case in the Old West when there weren’t a lot of rules and it was simply…the Wild West.

a gun next to casino chips and cards on a wooden table

Read on to find out how exactly things worked then, and what has changed ever since. 

The Popularity Grew Overnight

In the beginning, there weren’t any casinos in the USA.

But, everything changed one day when in San Francisco, people started mining gold.

It was lots of gold.

Everyone’s son moved to that particular city and casinos started to grow on every corner.

And they were pretty popular casinos as well.

People from all over the state (and the country) came there with one goal in their mind.

To gamble.

Except for gambling, these people also drank a lot and there were lots of women.

In general, no female was allowed to gamble and so the men had all the freedom that they could ask for.

Even though this “Old West” period was relatively short (it only lasted for 25 years), it made a huge impact on the casino history in the USA. 

The Most Popular Casino Games at That Time

Well, pretty much all the classic games that we can name today.

This was popular.

men playing poker around a table

The slot machines and their free spins were invented, but they still weren’t as popular (the old west period was happening around 1865-1890), but games like baccarat and blackjack were still here.

But, no casino could go without a classic game of poker.

Sometimes, those rounds were even legendary.

The gamblers learned those games and they decided to earn money form them.

And after all, would you even blame them?

Whether they scammed the dealers or had true real talent, you could pretty much say that they had their fun. 

Why Were People So Eager to Gamble in the Past?

As we all know, in the past the technology that we have today was simply unimaginable.

People didn’t know or had anything, and the period was too poor and cruel to everyone.

So, they had to try and earn some money.

And who would decline an option that lets you earn money and have fun at the same time?

They went straight on gambling, and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

That’s how the capital of the gambling world got to where it is now; Las Vegas.

Either way, we have the gambling world of today.

And we wouldn’t change it for a thing!