Holland Casino and Playtech are joining forces

May 24, 2021 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

As the online casino market keeps growing in Europe in 2023, the Holland Casino signs a deal with Playtech for live titles. The live casino market is finally setting off in the Netherlands, where the casino operator owns 14 land-based venues.

Holland Casino

Now with this deal, Playtech will supply Holland Casino with its extensive selection of live casino games. Not only will it offer its premium live dealing titles, but it will also add up some other games and slots to the deal.

Initially, the deal seems rock-solid, so letโ€™s jump right into the partnership details.

Playtech gains access to a new market via Holland Casino

Even before the agreement with the Holland Casino, Playtech was one of the renowned providers of online casino titles. Rarely could an online casino site pass without having at least one of the premium Playtech releases.

As the live online casino field is still relatively new in the Netherlands, Playtech will have the upper hand. Namely, the Holland Casino holds exclusive rights to organize live dealing casino titles and markets in the country.

With such great influence, Playtech could only benefit from the deal in terms of publicity and game spreading. New titles will reach a higher audience in the Netherlands, while the players also get their piece of the deal.

Premium live dealing selection will also depend on the new facility that Playtech will form in the Netherlands. Via the mentioned deal, Holland Casino will look to provide all the essential aspects for Playtech to build the venue.

Significance of the partnership

Having in mind that Playtech will operate in the Netherlands under the eye of Holland Casino, the deal seems quite stable. Furthermore, Holland Casino will enable the provider to stream its live dealing games directly from the Netherlands.

This way, the players will get a domestic-placed live games studio, while the provider gets close-by access. Streaming will be provided via 4K and HD cameras from multiple angles, therefore rising Playtechโ€™s games to the next level.

Among the live dealing titles that the provider will supply to Holland Casino, several stand out as the best. Playtech did a great job by investing a great part of its revenue to building a high-quality solution and platform for live casino.

It now offers a premium live dealing experience with top-notch hardware attached for streaming. The video poker games will surely bring smiles to the faces of all Netherlands-based players in 2023. Other options include live roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and even games like Sic Bo.

However, the main delight for the players will be the Grand Royal special that represents Playtechโ€™s most valuable experience. It’s easy to see how much the provider has evolved from providing slots to offering such an extensive portfolio.

Holland Casino can greatly benefit from the deal by offering only premium games for players. Moreover, the local live casino enthusiasts will even be able to claim no deposit bonuses and other promos.