High 5 Games Partners With LeoVegas

April 26, 2019 Posted in News, Software by No Comments

High 5 games is an industry leader in the online gaming universe, and now their gaming expertise is going to be partnering with LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group to create stellar content. This means that the company has secured a content distribution deal in the process.

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So what does this contract between these two companies mean? Well with High 5 Games continuing to expand into other markets, this is one of the many examples out there. High 5 games already have an excellent collection of slot games that is has crafted, and this partnership has a planned release of over 80 different slot games. The company seeks to accomplish this by utilizing their game server, the High 5 Vault, which includes a lot of the companies most popular titles including All The Cash Slot, Valkyrie Queen Slot, Thunder Buffalo Slot, Secrets of the Forest slot, and Double da Vinci Diamonds Slot, to name a few. 

This partnership between these two companies is great, but how exactly is this any different from the two companies working independently?

Before this partnership, both companies had a limited amount of resources to produce a limited amount of games, but now since the companies have decided to partner together their efforts can be many times stronger. No longer are High 5 Games and LeoVegas Casino limited to what they can produce with their budget and resources, now the companies have one another to rely on since this is a joint effort.

The capacity and ability of the two companies to create quality games are significantly greater, and this is going to translate into a lot of new slot releases, including further enhancing their current titles. The companies have announced that they plan on coming out with at least 8 new game releases every single month. This partnership has allowed these two companies to expand their feature set for their games as well, now their slots will be available in 14 different languages to start, with more being added in the next few months.  

Although High 5 Games may be bringing a lot to the table, especially with the increased accessibility that the addition of many different languages provides, they definitely do still get something of significant value from this. This partnership is going to open a lot of doors for High 5 Games and will allow them to expand their efforts internationally, which was just not possible for them before this partnership. 

The technology behind what makes this online slot machine games great is a huge factory in what makes these games successful, after all, customers are not going to bother playing a game that is broken or has a lot of bugs, they will just move on to the next one. That is where LeoVegas Casino shines in this partnership, they have connections and contracts with various different gaming platforms, 9 in fact, which help make the magic happen and help make these games the success that they are. This kind of value is unmatched and is yet another way that LeoVegas Casino is going to be able to help High 5 games expand their efforts and market dominance. 

This partnership means a lot for the online slot machine community, and with it, there are going to be a lot of fun, new, and exciting slot machines in the mix being released jointly. Consumers are going to benefit greatly from this partnership with all of the quality games being released, as well as with the addition of 14 new languages to their gaming platforms, further making their content accessible across the globe, making sure that no stone is left unturned.