GVC Holding Presents New COO – Hope for Success

September 16, 2020 Posted in Fun fact, News, Online Security by No Comments

Major changes occur at GVC Holding as Sandeep Tiku is set as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer.

GVC Holding

The widely known online casino and betting technology giant now takes on new business tactics with new personnel.

Sandeep Tiku was previously appointed by the GVC Holding as their IT Director and Chief Technology Officer.

His experience in technological advances and innovations can prove to be of crucial importance for the entire business. Now with the new people appointed as Chief positions, the GVC continues to develop and expand.

Quick View on GVC Holding Solutions

GVC Holding has a long history of distributing and creating casinos and betting content.

Holding is consisted of several famous sub-brands out of which bWin stands out.

Unique proprietary technology enables the company to produce top-notch gambling content to suit the needs of every player.

Group also contains some well-known worldwide gambling and betting brands like Ladbrokes, Coral, and Gala.

GVC Holding is authorized and licensed in over 20 countries as proof of its quality.

The main role in moving Ladbrokes to the GVC platform was exactly Sandeep TIku’s.

The new COO of GVC Holding certainly knows what he is doing in the field of technological advance and integration systems.

Being in the company for over 6 years also helped Sandeep evolve and improve on the business plan.

There are many benefits to be expected of such a professional and committed man, now in the position of the new COO.

GVC Future looking bright

Currently, there is a search organized for finding the new CTO to replace Sandeep as he advances in position.

Besides betting services, the main focus on the company could now be casino sites operated by the Holding.

GVC Holding includes several such sites like Party Casino, Gala Bingo, Party Poker, Gala Spins, and Foxy Games.

All these sub-brands are putting the main focus on casino games and providing the best and most convenient choice to players.

There is a great potential of claiming the casino bonus on these sites as well.

Casinos operated under the GVC Holding can look to expand their business even more now.

What we can be sure of right now is that Sandeep Tiku will innovate the technological platform in use.

As all big developers must grow along with the recommendations of their players, Sandeep TIku realizes the importance of future growth.

Virtual Sports could also gain attention by the Holding with the appointment of Sandeep Tiku as COO.

GVC Holding’s future is certainly looking bright currently and we can expect so much change under the new COO.

As the betting sector doesn’t require such commitment and frequent changes as the casino game sector, we can only guess on new solutions.

Many current technological solutions require revising if the holding aims to stay on top of the industry.

One thing is for sure; by appointing Sandeep Tiku, GVC Holding can finally upgrade its proprietary gaming platform.