GLI Includes AI Game Scanner in their online casinos

November 5, 2020 Posted in Live Casino, News by No Comments

An online casino responsible gaming solution is finally ready for use, as GLI releases its latest protective tool.


With the implementation of this AI Game scanner, casino sites will be able to track user activity and detect problems.

GLI aids in keeping the global gaming market a secure place where people play for fun instead of profit.

Moreover, GLI also introduced several other of their latest tools for casino experience enhancement.

Reading the rest of this article could be beneficial for players since it holds all the important info.

GLI protects the spirit of the game

As the online gambling market develops rapidly in the past few years, more and more problem gamblers occur.

GLI wants to make sure that such players are informed regarding their playing behavior.

Casino sites can, later on, ban those players, or forbid their accounts from being in use.

All these efforts are invested with the focus put on the well-being of players, as casino games were never meant for profit.

The AI Game Scanner will have access to all relevant player information and gambling activities.

The scanner will also point out the situations where the player’s gambling routines change.

For instance, if a certain player tends to stake much more when losing than when winning, the problem will be detected.

AI Game Scanner will therefore inform the operators of casino sites that the player often stake more than it’s possible to handle.

Perhaps such players won’t be so happy about this new addition, however, it can honestly save them from hitting the bottom.

The Game Scanner is validated by an independent third party, making it officially ready for use.

How does it work?

The Ai Game Scanner by GLI operates by following the patterns in a player’s behavior.

For instance, those that continue playing with the sum won via casino bonus will rather be detected as a problem than withdrawing players.

The scanner is a complete solution for casino platforms, not just a software tool.

It embraces the elements of neuroscience and neuroimaging to follow the playing patterns at all times.

The latest invention of GLI will make use of independent personal player data to form an opinion regarding each player.

Namely, over 99% of problematic players detected were initially detected by the scanner as potentially problematic.

Mindway AI aided the GLI in the production of their latest online casino solution and certainly deserves the credit for it likewise.

The use of AI Game Scanner may prove quite beneficial for NZ players.

NZ online casinos will have an easier job protecting their players that are psychically unsuitable for playing.

Besides the AI Game Scanner, more casino solutions are released recently by the company.

Useful tools like Gamealyze and Game Changer will also prove as efficient for sure.

The tools are installed via the API platform for better progress potential.

Ultimately, all gamblers tend to make slightly problematic decisions in their darkest hour. The difference is – now casinos can work with them to protect players from losing more than they can handle.