Game of Thrones Slots You Should Try If You Are A Fan

May 7, 2019 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

The final season of Game of Thrones has been all the rage all over the world, and the franchise has grown larger than ever. The trend has now made its way to online casinos as well with Game of Thrones-themed games making their way to the market. Microgaming is one company in particular that decided to release two Game of Thrones-themed games in the form of online slots. The games might look similar, but they drastically contrast each other when it comes to the overall gameplay.

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The first Game of Thrones game produced by the company was a slot game with fifteen pay lines. This game is meant to take on a more traditional tone when it comes to these kinds of games and stays true to the basic structure and rules of regular slot machine games. The game is also designed to be incredibly easy to play and is something that appeals to large masses of people.

The gameplay starts off with the player having to choose the coin size. This is something that can affect the overall outcome of the game that you are playing. The next step is to choose the number of coins that you want per line. This number must be selected between 1-10 and is important for anyone who wants to win bigger rewards in this game. The next step is to check the final bet that you wish to make. The values of this depend on the currency that you are choosing to ply in. This is one of the biggest factors that affect the outcome of the game. The higher the value of the bet, the more the chances of winning big in the game.

The payout table of the game is also something worth noting considering that it has an impact on the overall gameplay. The payout table mentions the amount that an individual can potentially win in their preferred currency instead of in coins, which is something that traditional online slot games tend to do. This feature allows the players to better gauge the amount that they can potentially win, and is something that impacts the manner in which one places their bets overall. In total, the game has proven to be incredible in terms of its overall user interface as well as in its gameplay.

The 15 slot game does also have a unique feature that sets it apart from other slot machine games. The game has a special ‘scatter’ feature that is designed to help people have the potential to win bigger in the future. This is something that will impact the manner in which the payouts emerge, and is something that can help players double the amount that they have already earned. Players also have access to a number of free spins from which they can then use to earn more while playing the game. In addition, the game also has a gamble feature that lets you flip a coin which can help you win even bigger.

The second Game of Thrones game that was released is quite different as compared to the first, even though the overall look might be similar. The game inculcates the ‘243 ways to win’ strategy, giving individuals the option to win even bigger in spite of just having a few spins. The game doesn’t have as many features as the fifteen slot version but still delivers a good experience to those who want to try a more unique style of slot games. The game also has big payouts which can be doubled based on their bonus feature that is offered at the end of each round, thereby increasing the odds of winning big.