Ezugi includes an Asian Classic in their online games – Sic Bo

December 25, 2020 Posted in Live Casino, News by No Comments

There are not so many online Sic Bo variants out there, so Ezugi decided to make their version of the game in the classic Asian-themed manner.


Major online casinos in NZ can now offer a realistic variant of Sic Bo to the game lovers, with a brilliant HD live feed.

The game studio includes a live dealer that throws three dice in a specific dice cage that allows players to bet on the outcome.

It’s a unique Asian gambling game, so players are best advised to get into more details before trying the game for real money.

Gameplay elements of the Ezugi Sic Bo

When it comes to gameplay details, the Sic Bo game by Ezugi comes with all the necessary options.

It’s easy to participate in the game as much it’s easy to select a bet to place from the list of available bets.

The player’ interface enables a statistical preview of the game as well as the option to select the chip value.

Even a beginner can simply place several bets on the Sic Bo betting board, but it takes some knowledge to understand all bets.

Namely, the wagering choice is impressive as the game offers over 10 main betting types.

There’s also the option to chat with the dealer during the game and the number of players allowed is unlimited.

Players can claim a payout of up to x180, which is impressive for a game that takes just about 20 seconds for around.

Either way, players can try the Ezugi Sic Bo on NZ casino sites and perhaps even claim a casino bonus while playing.

Variety of bets in Ezugi Sic Bo game

Ezugi’s variant of the Sic Bo game enables players to go for all kinds of payouts depending on the betting option preference.

As in most Sic Bo versions, Ezugi Sic Bo comes with double chances in terms of betting on even/odd or big/small.

In Sic Bo, low numbers are the ones from 4 to 10, while big ones are those between 11 and 17.

The total result of all three dice refers to these bets, so if the total of three dice is 13, the winning bets are odd and big.

On the other hand, players can bet on the possibility of the same number to appear on all three dice. Players will receive a lower payout for betting on any triples, while the exact guess of the matching number on all three dice brings an x150 payout.

Players can also bet on any doubles or specific doubles, while some of the best bets to place are dice combinations or single dice value bets.

Ezugi Sic Bo game makes a perfect showcase of a traditional Sic Bo that can be played in casinos of Macau.

Players can enjoy a simple but exciting game with fast-paced gameplay and swift payouts.

The best thing about Ezugi Sic Bo is that the betting range allows for players of all financial capabilities to try it.