The Importance Of RTP Pertaining To Casino Games

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The Return To Player

The term return to player is commonly referred to as RTP. The online betting platforms and casinos use this term to explain the percentage of any wagered funds that the player will be paid back from slot machine games over a period of time. The average calculation for an RTF is a minimum of 1,000 players. This term indicates the performance a player can expect regarding a particular game over the long term. This has nothing to do with what the player can expect during the short term.

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The RTP Explanation

A good example is a slot machine with an RTP of ninety percent. This means when $100 is played on the machines in bets of $1 the player would theoretically be getting back approximately $90. There is generally a very big difference between the RTP and the actual amounts received by the players. This is because the house, or bookmakers, online platform, casino or betting shop are weighted in as the favorites. This is basically the opposite of the house advantage. This means if the RTP is ninety percent it indicates the casino or bookmaker will be able to keep approximately ten percent of all the fund the players bet over a period of time.

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The United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission maintains the law in the United Kingdom. Their regulations state all gaming machines, slot machines, fruit machines and FOBT’s must have a clear display of the return to player or the percentage proportion or odds for hitting a payout. The category of the gambling machine used by the player is responsible for the prizes and payouts offered. The regulations of the Gambling Commission have emphasized the RTP represents a useful figure to enable the players to understand the long term performance of the gambling machine. The basis for this is the number of plays and not any indication of the odds regarding the short term probability. A good example is a slot machine showing the RTP is 85 percent. This does not mean every time the player spends $1 on bets they will get back 85p.

It is also important to note according to the regulations there has been no set minimum for the standard percentage payout. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has additionally stated all gambling machines must display the RTP percentage figure whether they are random or compensated. This enables the players to determine which slot games are showing the highest RTP. This provides the players with the best chances of being successful at the casino games.

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