Empire Fortune Slot: Player Won 2.2 Million!

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Online slot games, who would’ve thought!?

When we think of online slot games, we usually think of only passing time, having fun, pretending we are playing in the casinos, having a good time, with the possibility of winning money, in the casino I mean. Up to today, there was no online PHONE slot game that had ever offered me anything other than a couple of bucks!

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I mean this simply shows that I’ve been playing all the wrong games, and not the right one!

I found this exciting game, in which there is proof that people have actually won MILLIONS, literally MILLIONS, playing, and betting in a phone app, A PHONE APP! You read that right!

Like I was saying, This lucky Swedish online slots player has JUST HIT THE BIG BUCKS! Gambling from the comfort of his own home, this lucky man hit the jackpot, and just around the holidays too, can you imagine, just in time for Christmas!

He chose the right game, the right time, and played all the right ways, with this online game called Empire Fortune Slot, he gambled at the right time, earning himself a cash load of 2.2 Million Euros! Did you read that!? 2.2 Million Euros! And all he did was play an online slots game!

This online game, Empire Fortune Slot has generously offered big sums of payouts to lucky winners! This is not the first time about 15 days ago another man won 7.8 MILLION EUROS, not as much, but still a life-changing sum! Heck, I wouldn’t even know what i’d do with that much money!

The game is owned by Yggdrasil, Empire Fortune Slot has given more than 29 Million Euros since its release back in 2015, and this company is promising to increase the sums in the next coming years! How much money can this game possibly keep offering its users!?

I did a little research on this and found that the company, Yggdrasil, has only two games up offered, but the two games that you can play, have paid out their player’s life-changing sums of money!

The game, Empire Fortune Slots game was released back in 2016 and is one of two of the games Yggdrasil offers, both being casino slot games, the other game in case you’re interested in trying it out is called: Joker Million Slots. The games, though both different, are displayed simply, they both offer jackpot wheels, and obviously, they offer more but I’m going to summarize a bit, here the players can make their bets spin and win from the variety of prizes they offer, so really is there a way to lose?

Even the CEO Fredrik Elmqvist was amazed and obviously content with their online players fortune, this is what he said about the matter, β€œTo hear that one of our players has won such a massive amount of money at this time of year is a real boost and just shows the power of such high-quality progressive jackpots and the excitement they create. I want to extend my huge congratulations to the winner and wish a very Merry Christmas on behalf of everyone at BetHard.”

I mean, I’m as excited as the CEO is, I am dying to try out this game, and hope that maybe I will be one who will bet the right amount, at the right time, in the right place! After seeing that you can literally gain so much money on this online game, that I can play straight from my phone and actually WIN, gives me some hope!

So now, will you be trying Empire Fortune Slots with me, and try your luck?

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