Bitcoin at Online Casinos – Deposit and Withdrawals

January 6, 2020 Posted in News, Payment by No Comments

If you aren’t a stranger to what is currently trending on the internet then you have probably heard of the term Bitcoin before. This is a cryptocurrency that you can buy into and if you are lucky, you will gain a significant amount of digital money. You can use this to buy yourself some coffee or if you have enough you can transfer the digital money into cash and buy something bigger. 

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Bitcoins have been around for a few years but only recently have they actually been useful for more than just buying a pizza for dinner. See, Bitcoins are a lot like owning a stock in something. You only get money if the stocks are on your side, bitcoin is a lot like that. You can buy and sell bitcoin to whoever is willing to trade with you and that is how you make money off of it.

In some cases, you can use bitcoin to gamble as well. But you can’t use it at every casino because not every casino is going to accept the digital dollars as an actual form of payment.

So how exactly can you gamble using bitcoin so that you can keep your physical cash for yourself?

First, you will need to find a site that will allow you to use your bitcoins so you will need to search for bitcoin only sites. This means that there will be no money involved and all of your transactions will be done using bitcoin. Of course, once you get enough bitcoin you can cash out and turn it into actual money. But it does take a long time to do that as a single bitcoin is only worth a couple of cents.

However, gambling with bitcoin is safer than it would be if you used actual cash or a credit card because with bitcoin you aren’t putting in nearly as much money as you would be getting out if you were to win a game. So, if you are interested in gambling and you have some bitcoins you should consider looking into casinos that will allow you to use bitcoin as your currency so that you can put the coins to good use.

There are online casinos that will allow credit and bitcoin, these casinos might take more of your bitcoin than you are willing to lose because the bitcoin have to add up to the price that other people are paying in credit, but you can also win a lot more money from these online casinos as well. 

So do some research on your favorite online casino and see if bitcoin is a currency they accept, if it is, then I recommend trying it at least a few times to see how much more you can earn that way.