Sic Bo game by XproGaming – Perfect for Beginners

November 15, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

Players will be thrilled to hear that online casinos in NZ will now be offering Sic Bo game developed by XproGaming.

Sic Bo Game

The worldwide known provider of online casino games spreads its portfolio with impressive addition.

Sic Bo game is a highly original gambling experience that not all players dare to try.

The board of the game itself seems somewhat confusing with all the stats and stake fields, but in fact, it is very simple and enjoyable.

Players looking for an intense gaming sensation should read on to get a hold of the XproGaming Sic Bo game rules.

Gameplay and layout of Sic Bo game by XproGaming

From the moment of entering the XproGaming Sic Bo game table, it is clear that attention was put on details.

Thereafter, players can see the superb choice of the wagers available, to suit the needs of players with different staking capabilities.

The Sic Bo game by XproGaming is developed with patience, as the provider takes its time when developing such games.

As a result, the game is impeccably done, offering a truly unique experience for most gamblers.

Namely, the whole hand takes place quickly as players are required to bet on values of three dice roll.

Numerous side bets are included to aid the players in finding the perfect wager for their taste.

The live studio feed is also quite convenient as everything takes place in real-time.

Players can even chat with the dealer as the game is fully optimized for mobile devices.

The layout seems complex but is very plain and easy to understand once players get a hold of the game.

Knowing all about the wagers and payouts is crucial before playing the Sic Bo game by XproGaming.

Available wagers of the Sic Bo game

One of the best things regarding the Sic Bo game is the betting grid. XproGaming made sure to include all the recognizable Sic Bo game bets to spice up the thrill.

Players can find the simplest payouts of 1 to 1 when betting on the big or small values.

In the Sic Bo game, if three dice result in value in the interval between 11 and 17, the bet on big is won.

On the other hand, low values are the ones from 4 to 10. Other 1 to 1 bet includes betting on odd and even and single dice wagers.

The single dice wagers are convenient because of the payout level of 1 to 1, 2 to 1, or 3 to 1 depending on the bet.

Players can bet on the chance of a single number appearing on any of the dice this way.

When it comes to larger bets, if a player guesses the exact triples, the payout is 180 to 1 while specific doubles pay 10 to 1.

There are also bets including guessing any triples which come with an appealing 30 to 1 payout.

As the Sic Bo game by XproGaming features very exciting betting mechanics, players should claim the casino bonus and move on with the dice bets.