Sic Bo Casino Game – What’s the Catch?

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Sic Bo Casino Game

For some reason, most online players are unfamiliar with the Asian-themed games like the Sic Bo Casino Game. Whether it’s because of its frightening title name, or just because NZ players prefer classic titles, this can be a great mistake.

In reality, the Sic Bo Casino Game makes a perfect choice for most players as it requires a low level of strategy. Players can bet on a diverse array of options through distinctive payouts and combinations.

To find out why this game should be even more popular in online casinos in NZ, stay with us for a detailed game explanation!

What makes the Sic Bo Casino Game Unique?

At the first glance, the Sic Bo Casino Game seems complex and tough to understand. The betting chart provides players an insight into the odds and betting options, but rarely comes with an explanation. However, in essence, the Sic Bo game is rather plain and easy to understand.

It’s one of the rare online casino games that are based on the dice-throw outcome. Moreover, it’s also one of the rare live casino games in general that enforce this type of gameplay.

To be able to place a quality bet in Sic Bo, the players need to know the basics of the betting rounds. Also, the odds are distinctive and accordant to the specific betting options allowed in the game.

Quite little strategy is used when making a Sic Bo Casino Game bet, unlike most other live casino titles. One could even say that the game is much like Roulette, only this time around players are betting on dice results instead of a ball and a wheel.

Starting a game of Sic Bo

Before the players can place any real money bets, it’s crucial to make sure to understand how the game works. There are two types of online Sic Bo game:

  • Live Dealer Sic Bo
  • RNG Powered Virtual Sic Bo

It’s always much better to enjoy a live dealer variant of the game, but it doesn’t make such a great difference. Sic Bo is a game of pure luck and it’s not a bad choice to go with the RNG-powered variant.

At the very start, the dealer puts 3 individual dice in the special dice cage and throws them. At this point, the players are requested to make various bets until the dealer finally throws the dice.

Depending on the result of the 3 dice thrown and betting options selected by players, several outcomes are possible. There’s something for each player to enjoy in this game as it’s possible to determine the betting odds depending on the betting option.

Types of Betting Options in the game

Among the distinctive types of bets available in the Asian-themed game, players can select diverse options. Depending on the chance of landing the desired outcome, the odds vary from 1 to 1 to an incredible value of 180 to 1!

To get to know the best categories in Sic Bo Casino Game, here’re the main bet types:

  • Small/Big Bet
  • Single Dice Bet
  • Double Dice Bet
  • Triple Dice Bet
  • Specific Dice Bet

The most important aspect of the game is to make a quality bet on the small/big bet. This one is the lowest paying bet of the game as it pays 1 to 1 for a successful round.

In the Sic Bo Casino Game, the low dice values are anywhere between 4 and 10. On the other hand, the big values of the dice are between 11 and 17. Of course, the margin values are also included. Players that go with this type of bet can earn steady profit over time with the lowest risk.

As various NZ casinos offer the Sic Bo game in the selection, players can test the betting options by using the casino bonus offers.

Single, Double, and Triple Dice Bets

Betting on the single dice in the Sic Bo Casino Game is also quite a safe option to go with. NZ players can choose a single number and if that number appears on any of the 3 dice – 1 to 1 payout is ensured.

Guessing a Double Dice Bet can result in a 10 to 1 win if players can guess that same number will show up on two of three dice. Finally, the Triple Dice Bet is a winning one if all 3 dice show up the same number.

In this case, the payout goes up to a staggering 30 to 1. Still, guessing the specific betting options can result in even greater payouts.

Specific Sic Bo Casino Game Bets

When it comes to the Sic Bo game betting options, the Combined Bet is one of the best options. This option allows players to bet on the combination of two dice values. Choices are various, but the payout is equal for all options – 5 to 1.

However, there’s one type of bet that allows stellar payout values for NZ players. That would be the Specific Value Bet that also comes in several different categories.

When betting on specific values, players need to have in mind the variation of payout values. So, for the total value of 3 dice resulting in 4 or 17, the 60 to 1 payout is ensured. Total values of 5 or 16 on all three dice result in 30 to 1, while 7 or 14 values guarantee a fair 12 to 1 payout.

For total values of 8 or 13, the payout is set for 8 to 1, while the total values of 9, 10, 11, or 12 end up in 6 to 1. The odds are set depending on the number of combinations possible for each total value to occur.

Final Thoughts on Sic Bo Casino Game

A round of online Sic Bo can be quite entertaining for NZ players that never tried the game before. The brave players can settle with a specific triple bet that pays 180 to 1 if all 3 dice show up the same number.

Considering that worldwide-recognized software providers like Evolution and XproGaming released their variants, game popularity rises. So, a round of the Sic Bo Casino Game can represent a treat of its own in the world of iGaming once the players get to know the game.