Perfect Blackjack by NetEnt – Fast-paced and Fun

December 19, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

NetEnt steps up its live casino offering with the incredible Perfect Blackjack variant of the famous card game.

Perfect Blackjack

As a perfect game to try at an online casino site, Perfect Blackjack comes with a great RTP of 99.5% that makes it great even for beginners.

Some unique Blackjack features are included in this version of the game and NetEnt made sure to count it all in.

There’s even an auto-play option included, perfect for those that pre-decides on auto splits or doubling down.

Overall, the Perfect Blackjack is a truly impressive variant of online Blackjack so scroll down for more details.

Playing interface and in-game aspects of Perfect Blackjack

The Perfect Blackjack isn’t just a round of regular online Blackjack. It’s rather a combination of the perfect blackjack strategy card drawing system and a great blackjack interface with everything included.

Both the card drawing system and the RTP of 99.5% make this version so eligible for newcomers.

Those that are new to the game will quickly get a hold of it, while the auto-play option can help them understand the rules.

The dealer in this game will stand on 17s and draw on 16s.

The Perfect Blackjack also offers players several options before each round takes place. Namely, players can select an auto-split or double down option before the next round begins.

Betting time lasts for approximately 10 seconds, making the game extremely fast-paced.

Playing interface allows players to watch the game in HD camera live-feed while all the betting options are clearly shown before a round begins.

During a round of Perfect Blackjack, players will also have the chance to use one of the side bets included by NetEnt.

Additional options in Perfect Blackjack game

When it comes to side bets included in the Perfect Blackjack by NetEnt, there are two options for players.

The Perfect Pairs and 21+1 side bets are eligible for players to choose from before the start of a new round.

After players are finished placing bets, the dealer will use the strategy of the Perfect Blackjack and deal great hand-material cards to players.

The autoplay option enables the players to relax and observe the game from the home comfort.

Major online casinos that offer all kinds of casino bonus offers are serving the players with a chance to try their luck on the Perfect Blackjack game.

This variant of online Blackjack is unique for many reasons, but players will be the most satisfied with the RTP percentage.

Such a low house edge on the game provides the players with a relaxed gaming sensation since a great part of the stake is returned to the player.

Another great thing about Perfect Blackjack is that inexperienced players can watch the game and learn about good hands to play.

Even the splitting option is added in an auto-play manner, making the game feel completely automatized.

NetEnt certainly raised the expectations with this impressive Blackjack installment and we can only hope for more such discoveries from the provider.