Jackpot Roulette by Ezugi – Progressive Guaranteed

December 28, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

Online roulette is perhaps one of the most exciting games to play on casino sites and now Ezugi makes it even better with Jackpot Roulette.

Jackpot Roulette

Alongside all the other original roulette betting options, players will have the option to contribute to Jackpot value.

Moreover, all players that contribute to the value of the progressive are eligible for claiming the prize at any moment of the game!

Every player can be a winner like this and the best thing is – the Jackpot can be claimed on a daily level.

Jackpot Roulette Gameplay

All NZ online roulette enthusiasts now have a new treat as the Jackpot Roulette gets released.

The daily progressive prize serves a great purpose of bringing more players in, while players have a fair chance to hope for the best.

The jackpot prize can be won once a day and only by a single player in a single spin. However, all players that choose to participate will have to contribute to the Jackpot value.

The initial stake for the Jackpot value requires players to invest NZD 2.2 on each spin as the Jackpot contribution.

Other than this obligatory stake, players are free to place all the bets they prefer during the regular gameplay.

The moment of surprise comes in once the Jackpot is triggered, and all players in the game will receive a notification regarding the Jackpot.

Besides the thrill of hunting for a Jackpot, players can combine this game with no deposit bonuses on NZ casino sites.

A Jackpot Roulette eligible for everyone

The Jackpot Roulette by Ezugi is a perfect fit for online players as it doesn’t require many complications regarding the prize and the terms.

Namely, the Jackpot comes once every 24 hours, and players have no way of guessing the exact time.

Furthermore, the seed bet of just NZD 2.2 is rather convenient, having in mind that some variants of jackpot roulettes require much more for a seed stake.

Either way, the Jackpot Roulette comes with some basic and recognizable roulette features for each player to like.

A variety of betting options is included and players can set their bets in the base game by personal preference.

The players’ interface includes great options like the racetrack betting view where players can bet on a specific number of sectors.

Players that prefer having higher winning chances should focus on double chances with 1 to 1 payouts.

There’s the option to bet on red/black, even/odd, and low/high double chances.

On the other hand, those that enjoy taking a higher risk can bet on the single number, split, street, corner, and line options.

The best thing about Jackpot Roulette is that it offers a genuine and pleasurable roulette experience while also offering the Jackpot chance.

There’s no limitation on how much the Jackpot value can grow, so players never know when to expect the prize.

Those lucky enough to claim the prize will experience the intense thrill of landing one of the best Jackpots in roulette games.