Dual Play Baccarat by Evolution – Special game mechanism

December 14, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

There are many versions of Baccarat available on online casinos in NZ, but the Dual Play Baccarat offers a unique approach.

Dual Play Baccarat

Evolution’s Dual Play Baccarat uses HD camera solutions for displaying the feed from land-based casinos in real-time.

Online players can live through the thrill of these astonishing casinos while playing alongside a seated player.

The number of players allowed in such a round of Baccarat is unlimited, making the game eligible for all players.

Keep on reading and find out for yourself why this Baccarat variant is so popular in NZ casinos!

Visual and game aspects of Dual Play Baccarat

Evolution Gaming is a team of leading experts in the production of the finest live dealing casino games for online play.

The new lineup of Baccarat games available from the provider features a superb touch to the game.

With all the camera angles and beautiful studio layout, players will feel like in a real casino.

Moreover, the Dual Play Baccarat truly has its cameras hidden in real casinos worldwide, making the experience a premium one.

Namely, players can go through a great gaming sensation by wagering online while participating in Baccarat round in great casinos.

Not only will players get to experience the casinos, but also to win some quite attractive prizes by betting on the added features.

Evolution did an outstanding job with the Dual Play Baccarat and NZ players can find the sites with casino bonus offers to spice it up.

The uniqueness of the Dual Play Baccarat

What makes this version of online Baccarat so great is the possibility for players to bet behind seated players in real casinos.

Still, the playing interface made by Evolution for online play shows all the benefits of playing online.

Not only will the players have access to all the roadmaps, but also to some premium side bets.

Players will also have the option to follow the betting patterns of the seated player.

Either way, the additional bets include the incredible Pairs Side bets. This option allows players to bet on the chance that the first two dealt cards will be a pair.

There’s the player pair and the banker pair side bets and both come with an impressive payout of 11 to 1.

Moreover, players will have the chance to bet on the Perfect Pairs side bet that awards 200 to 1 payout in case of a double pair.

Besides the bets based on pairs, there are also the Player bonus and Banker bonus side bets.

The Dual Play Baccarat certainly provides the highest gaming convenience for players. From resting and betting behind a seated player, to playing a unique bet with side bets, the choice is on players.

With so many options including the Bead Road and Big Road maps, players are in for a delight of a game.

Every player enjoying a round of online Baccarat should at least try the Dual Play Baccarat by Evolution for its outstanding features.