Dragon Tiger Game from Pragmatic Play – New Live Casino edition

May 18, 2021 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

Pragmatic Play keeps making its live casino players happy with the newest straightforward release – the Dragon Tiger game. Having in mind the vast popularity of Pragmatic slots and live casino titles, the game is destined to succeed.

Dragon Tiger Game

Moreover, the Dragon Tiger game is generally one of the simplest live casino games to play online. This makes it perfect even for beginners when it comes to live games on NZ casino sites. So, let’s jump right into the details to bring the exciting release closer to players!

Layout and Options of the Dragon Tiger game

The Dragon Tiger game features unique and extremely easy-to-follow game rules. Live casino game enthusiasts won’t be able to find a simpler game to bet on, at least from the Pragmatic Play offering.

Still, the game’s simplicity is a rather positive aspect of the game as it enables all players to jump into action. Pragmatic Play made sure to include some exciting in-game elements, mostly when it comes to visual layout.

The Dragon Tiger game from Pragmatic features a live video feed with high-quality cameras and multiple angles. Some of the most interesting visual aspects of the game are the statues of the Dragon and Tiger set in the background.

The friendly dealer will welcome the players and the best thing is – each game round is fast-paced. That gives players more than enough time to play multiple Dragon Tiger game rounds in a matter of minutes!

It’s a perfect release to spend some time playing beside the famous Pragmatic Play slots. So, the players should hurry up and try to claim casino bonus offers on the game via Pragmatic casino sites.

General rules of the game

The Dragon Tiger game by Pragmatic follows the traditional rules of the famous game. Since the game’s origin is set in Asia, the game is quite similar to other live casino games like Baccarat.

Even so, the rules are perhaps even simpler and give an equal chance to all participants. It’s a multiplayer game, but the players won’t be betting against each other. Once the round starts, the bettors will have some time to put a bet on a Dragon card or a Tiger card.

The dealer then draws both cards and the highest value of the cards wins. So, the players that have placed bets on the accordant card could win a 2 to 1 payout! However, that’s not all that makes the Dragon Tiger game special.

There’s another option as well and it includes players to bet on a tie as a result. It’s somewhat logical that ties will rarely happen in the game, but the payout is set on attractive 11 to 1!

Pragmatic Play has surely gotten its players used to superb graphical aspects and in-game features in previous releases. Although the Dragon Tiger game isn’t among the games stacked with special features, it’s still worth a shot.

It’s a privilege to find such a straightforward game in today’s iGaming world, making it a perfect release.