Caribbean Poker by XproGaming – Exotic Live Variation

December 9, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

If you get completely satisfied with all the popular poker games online, why not at least try the new Caribbean Poker by XproGaming?

Caribbean Poker

Also referred to as the Caribbean Stud Poker, the latest XproGaming poker variant has it all.

The same rules apply to regular poker hand values, while players will be playing exclusively against the dealer.

This doesn’t limit the game seats, however, as XproGaming made sure to make the game accessible by everyone.

If it already sounds tempting, scroll down for more information to get you started in the game of Caribbean Poker!

General rules and details about Caribbean Poker

There aren’t too many casino sites that offer this variant of online Poker. XproGaming made sure to be one of the first developers to ever create a variant of Caribbean Poker.

The round of Caribbean Poker game is initiated with a card deck including 52 cards that are shuffled before each hand.

The game begins with ante bets being placed as initial betting requirements to participate in the game.

Players can draw new cards in this XproGaming setup, but only with the cost of adding another bet on top of the initial one.

The game continuation is determined by the dealer’s cards. Dealer can only proceed if a high face value is on the table.

In other cases, the ante bet and additional bets are returned to a player, and the game proceeds with another round.

Experienced poker players will know their way around the payouts and hand values as everything is similar to a round of Texas Holdem.

However, the Caribbean Poker by XproGaming has another advantage in comparison to other poker games – a jackpot chance.

Namely, players can set side bets that qualify for the unique jackpot prize awarded by XproGaming and casino operators.

Playing convenience and hand values

The Caribbean Poker game by XproGaming can be played on various sites that offer all kinds of bonuses.

From free spins no deposit to deposit match bonuses that double the bankroll for playing a round of poker, the choice is wide.

Overall, the game features an appealing interface with a clear camera feed on the table and the dealer.

There’s a chat option included on the playing interface to help players communicate with dealers.

Payouts in the game are more than satisfying, as the best payout of 100 to 1 is paid for a royal flush.

The second to the best payout is awarded for a straight flush, featuring a 50 to 1 payout value.

Regular flush and other poker bets pay lower but are a nice addition to the Caribbean Poker game as betting options.

The game is perfectly designed and made for both beginners and experienced players to join.

As all the action is against the dealer, players that never played poker before now have a great way to learn.

One thing is for sure – XproGaming was one of the first providers to release the Caribbean Poker game and they did so in style!