BLITZ Blackjack by NetEnt – Multiplayer Fun

November 23, 2020 Posted in Live Casino by No Comments

If you are a fan of online Blackjack, brace yourself; the all-new BLITZ Blackjack by NetEnt is here!

BLITZ Blackjack

Casino sites all over NZ will be pleased to have the opportunity to make their players happy with this title.

The new BLITZ Blackjack comes with all of the significant elements included in a regular Blackjack game, with few additions.

As the game provides all the comfort of a real table Blackjack in a land casino, players are in for a delightful experience.

Keep scrolling for more info, as knowledge on the BLITZ Blackjack may benefit your online gaming career!

Blackjack layout sufficient to withstand Multiplayer options

NetEnt made sure to include several tables eligible for playing the BLITZ Blackjack game.

This way, all the NZ Blackjack enthusiasts will have an equal chance of participating in a premium Blackjack game.

Moreover, the rules are almost identical to the classic variant of the Blackjack game, making it perfect for beginners as well.

Players of all profiles will be able to enjoy the round of Blackjack perfectly suited for online play.

Not only do players have access to the statistics bar and betting interface, but the chat option makes the game feel more personal.

In the betting layout, players will find room to place their bets as well as the additional side bets that are available.

For better gaming, NetEnt made sure to include quite a few of these additional betting options.

The design of the game is also something worth discussing, as a beautiful layout combined with smiling dealers makes the experience pleasurable.

Betting options and playing tactics

BLITZ Blackjack is a perfect choice for all card game lovers that prefer playing a hand online.

As NetEnt made sure to suit the game to the needs of online players, it can be accessed from all mobile devices.

The game itself creates a valuable connection among players and dealers via the live chat option.

Players can also choose to tip the dealer if they decide to do so. Perhaps the only thing missing in the BLITZ Blackjack game is a promotional bonus.

However, since so many NZ casinos offer NetEnt slots and casino games, players can claim the casino bonus which they could later use for Blackjack bets.

As for the rules, players can follow the ordinary rules of classic Blackjack games.

At the very start, each dealer is given 2 cards which they can use to create the most valuable hand and beat the dealer.

There are many gameplay options included in the BLITZ Blackjack game; players can hit, stand or split.

Another gameplay option is to take insurance in case the dealer gets a valuable first card.

As for the additional side bets, the BLITZ Blackjack offers two; the perfect pairs side bet and 21+3.

Overall, BLITZ Blackjack creates a very pleasurable experience for all card game enthusiasts.

The multiplayer option makes it even more desirable, although players are not competing directly against each other.

Ultimately, the BLITZ Blackjack is so easy to stake on that it is perfect even for beginners to try and get into the world of Blackjack.